Aayuja chose Cogent’s Dialog VoIP software recently when they needed a platform to record, evaluate, monitor and archive the performance of its call center agents. This was their first venture into the call recording industry.

Aayuja had its eye on Cogent for its ability to adapt and also their innovative way of capturing IP traffic. They do so with what they refer to as “Port Mirroring” and the added capacity to implement the software on a per-customer basis.

The new VoIP software was installed for Cisco with the intent to provide reliable, safe and redundant preservation of all transactions and customer communications. In the call center industry, such monitoring is often required by regulators to ensure the company is acting according to expectations in that particular industry.

Aayuja services companies that range from start-ups to mid-sized businesses, in addition to public companies, as well. They act as an extension of client sales teams by taking on such heavy lifting activities to increase overall production of the teams and also get directly involved in the guidance of the inside sales activities.

The installation of Cogent’s Dialog VoIP is critical in monitoring the interaction between all parties at all times, and in every hour of every day, to ensure liability protection for the company.

Md Faizullah, Cogent’s Director, recently said that Cogent Dialog VoIP solutions enable companies to considerably improve their value, enhance customer service, efficiently deploy staff and increase their productivity.

Aayuja is a consulting company that specializes in sales consultation for fast-growing, high-tech companies. They were founded in 2006 by Ajit Gupta, the Founder and CEO of Speedera Networks, with a sales team based out of India.

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