Best Call Center Application on the Market


There are many call center applications on the market offering a wide range of solutions for small and large businesses.  Investing in a call center application is a capital expenditure for most businesses so identifying business needs and software that best meets those needs is a high priority and will go a long way in determining the long-term success of the company.

Companies looking for an open source call center software application for call routing that will easily integrate with other communications systems should consider Genesys’ Intelligent Customer Front Door software.  Genesys’ software combines the power of call routing with interactive voice response (IVR) functions to funnel calls to the best available agent.  Their call center application has the ability to identify callers based on IVR-supplied information and uses business rules to decide on the call’s disposition.  Decisions on routing are then made based on matching the best available resources, including automatic call back and auto-connection, to the most appropriate agent for that call.

Another highly-rated call center application that offers comprehensive functionality is Aspect Unified IP contact center software.  The product is an integration of the best industry practices and tools, including predictive dialing, voice portals, automatic call distribution, work flow management, and quality management applications, in a single software platform.  It provides agents with real-time information on customer history and preferences to help close sales more quickly.  It also highlights up-sell and cross-sell opportunities to make a business’ sales staff more effective.  Aspect Unified also makes it simpler to connect remote agents and link multiple sites to existing telephony platforms.  In 2008, Microsoft and Aspect announced an important strategic partnership to enhance Unified IP software and allow it to operate with Microsoft’s voice and unified communications platform – Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007.  Since many businesses already use Microsoft products, Unified IP is a logical choice.

Another great call center application on the market comes from the biggest name in software, Microsoft.  Microsoft Dynamics is a solution that can be applied on an enterprise-level or as a customer resource management (CRM) tool in smaller businesses.  The software allows businesses to plan, implement, and more accurately measure marketing campaigns.  Microsoft’s call center application puts all the information agents need at their disposal to close sales more quickly and efficiently.  It easily integrates with all other Microsoft products making it a clear choice for call center software in many businesses.  Microsoft’s call center software utilizes the familiar desktop and icons with which users of Microsoft Windows operating system are familiar, making the learning curve for this product very short.

There are many choices in call center software for businesses that need and use them.  In order to find the best call center application for your unique needs, your business must carefully define its strategic goals in order to find the best fit among the many choices.  A company of any size must be careful to find software that is easy to use, has the latest call center technology, and is one that can grow along with the business.

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