Virtual Contact Center Software Can Upset Your On-Premise Culture

Yours is a culture that has always kept everything in-house. You never outsource anything, you buy all your software, support all of your servers in your data center and can see every single call center employee on your call floor. While this kind of environment was the standard for a great number of years, the innovations in the virtual environment have now forced you to consider what virtual contact center software can mean to your on-premise culture. In all honesty, without an effective change management strategy in place, a move to virtual contact center software will be a difficult one. With the right focus and keeping the activities focused on the end goal, however, you can make the transition work.

Why the Move to Virtual Contact Center Software Can Be a Challenge

Virtual contact center software vendors will promise you that your end users will see no difference in their interfaces, tasks, etc. when you make the move from on-premise only applications. The one difference they will notice is that they have to launch their web browser to get to these applications, but everything else should be seamless. Notice the word “should” was used. In an ideal world, yes, this would be seamless. But, making the change from an on-premise culture to one powered by virtual contact center software is still a major change that will affect all users. Once you accept this reality, you’re ready to take the next step.

The Virtual Contact Center Software Change Should Be Broad

While it is likely you have already addressed this in your change management strategy, the move to virtual contact center software should not be an either/or scenario for your call center agents. It may not be necessary to take your entire call center to a virtual platform, but those that do go that route must make the change completely. Don’t allow agents to operate either on the virtual platform or on the on-premise platform. Ideally, you would take your entire on-premise contact center to a virtual platform, but perhaps your first launch will be a remote location. The main point is to manage it effectively and make sure only one platform per call center.

The Positive Approach to the Virtual Contact Center Software Change

Regardless of the benefits that are promised in the new virtual contact center software change, your employees are likely to resist it. No one likes change – especially change they are forced to make. It is essential that you keep a positive and healthy attitude about the change the entire time so that you do not invite negative responses from your employees. When it comes time to “flip the switch” do so with a positive outlook and ensure all employees are using the same platform. The best way to do this is eliminate access to anything else. And, be sure to lead by example – your employees will notice if you grumble when you think no one is watching.

Virtual Contact Center Software Benefits

There are a number of benefits that virtual contact center software can deliver, but they can be difficult to feel right out of the box. If you move from an on-premise culture, give it time to settle and then start measuring performance. Change can be a challenge, but a fun one if you approach it correctly.

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