VoIP Call Center Call Recording Success

If you operate a VoIP call center, you are in the perfect position to be able to easily record all agent/customer interactions to measure the performance of your individual agents and identify key training opportunities. The Colorado Department of Corrections is one organization to leverage this capability in order to improve the performance of its call center. Interestingly, this center provided vocational training for inmates through help desk positions in which these individuals would support the technology needs of state offices throughout Colorado.

VoIP Call Center: A Different Approach

While it’s likely that your VoIP call center is not staffed by individuals who are also serving time, the purpose for call recording is still the same: ensuring a consistent and quality performance across all interactions. The Colorado DOC also wanted to ensure the quality and safety for all parties involved, as well as full compliance with rules and regulations within specific industries. The best way to do this is to monitor all interactions within the VoIP call center. TelRex offers an IP call recording and monitoring solution known as CallRex that allows you or your VoIP call center managers to affordably record and monitor all IP calls. The Colorado DOC implemented this solution to ensure a consistent customer experience across all calls.

Why Call Recording Works in the VoIP Call Center

The Colorado DOC selected the CallRex solution due to its compatibility with the current IT telephony system in place and the ease of use offered by the platform. Today, the DOC uses CallRex along with the ShoreTel IP telephony and call center system to monitor the activities of all inmates operating the technical support help desk. Inmates serve as first-level responders, filling out trouble tickets and initiating support activities. The DOC is enjoying the ability to monitor all interactions through the VoIP call center without a significant upfront cost and the ability to expand on a per seat basis. Like other organizations, this one can ensure all interactions adhere to a high quality standard and identify weaknesses that must be addressed.

The Benefits of Recording in the VoIP Call Center

There are a number of benefits the DOC has realized with its VoIP call center recording solution that can apply within any organization. Managers can use this capability to monitor live interactions to check for quality assurance, policy compliance, and to review for complaints. And, believe it or not, your VoIP call center agents will perform at a much higher level if they know they are being monitored. Just be sure you do more with the information than just listen. If you recognize opportunities for improvement, provide training and coaching for the agent. At the same time, if you identify a great performance, give the feedback he or she deserves or use the call as a demonstration of the right way to handle a customer.

No matter what the focus on your VoIP call center, implementing a robust solution to monitor for quality performance will be worth the investment. Whether you have compliance requirements, industry regulations or simply quality initiatives to reach within the company, solutions to monitor interactions can help to be sure that every interaction is a quality interaction.

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