What to Look for in Telemarketing Software Solutions


Companies looking at telemarketing software solutions are generally looking for ways to get more sales or productivity from their existing staff.  There are several telemarketing software solutions on the market and choosing the right solution can make a positive impact on the company’s bottom line.

Telemarketers have a tough job, with the frenetic pace and pressure to close sales that come with the job.  With the advent of telemarketing software solutions, tasks that are time-consuming and tedious can be executed by the software.  The best telemarketing technology can automatically dial numbers, qualify leads, and leave messages when a call is not answered, saving the call center staff valuable time.  There are also a number of different telemarketing software solutions available to make a business staff more effective.

When looking at telemarketing software solutions, the main question a company needs to ask is “how does it aid my staff?”  Businesses that are looking for software that is capable of taking orders for goods and services over the phone will be well-served by investing in an interactive voice response (IVR) system.  An IVR is an excellent outbound marketing software solution that can be used by clients for placing orders and paying via credit cards over the phone.  This is the ideal solution for companies with a limited number of employees looking to drive sales with a minimum of expense.

Another telemarketing software tool for business is auto dialing.  An auto dialer is outbound marketing software tool that can dial thousands of numbers a day.  This is the ideal solution for delivering pre-recorded messages to prospective customers or prospective voters if used in a political campaign.  There are several variations of this telemarketing software perfect for any company wanting to reach a large audience in a short amount of time.

Another telemarketing software solution is the predictive dialer.  A predictive dialer is an outbound marketing tool that can dial a large volume of phone numbers in advance and tries to match calls answered by a human (rather than voice mail) with available call center staff.  For companies seeking to connect prospects to a live telemarketer after qualifying their sales potential, this is the ideal solution.  The predictive dialer software also can display pop-up windows with information about the prospective client on the screens of agents and salesmen to help close sales and expedite technical solutions.

Each of these telemarketing software solutions can be customized for specific industries such as mortgage, health care, construction, government, and hospitality.  Some companies will be best served using a combination of these telemarketing software solutions.  There are also voice mail systems and automated attendants for businesses, such as service-oriented establishments and companies that get a large number of general information calls.  There are also a number of software-based fax solutions, such as fax broadcasting and fax-on-demand for companies looking to undertake a fax-based ad campaign.

Knowing what to look for in telemarketing software solutions is a function of comparing the company’s needs for business functionality and process automation with the tools offered by different vendors.  Selecting the right solution means having a clear picture of just what it is a company is hoping to accomplish.

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