Why Your Call Center Needs an Automatic Dialer


In the early days of call centers, the most common reason for agent downtime was their time spent dialing phone numbers.  With the advent of  the automatic dialer in the 1980s, call centers had the tools to cut down drastically on costly time spent dialing numbers.  Since then, the technology has grown more sophisticated with a number of different versions available for businesses of all types and with functionality for telemarketing, technical support, and Help Desk.

The first automatic dialer was an electronic device that automatically dialed telephone and pager numbers. Modern automatic dialers use algorithms to analyze the incoming audio to determine the difference between a human and an answering machine picking up the phone.  There is no foolproof system, however, and that is one of the drawbacks of an automatic dialer.

There are several different kinds of automatic dialers on the market today.  An intelligent automatic dialer, also known as a predictive dialing solution, is one of several call center tools used today in telemarketing and other businesses to reach more people more quickly and to make staff more productive.  It is capable of personalizing messages and collecting data from touch tone signals and voice mail speech.  The latest and greatest technology in automatic dialing call center software is enterprise-grade dialers that are capable of executing a large number of calls simultaneously and feature an open application programming interface to enable integration with enterprise applications.  Some advanced products have distributed dialing capabilities that can be linked together through the Internet and controlled via a call dispatching system.  There is virtually no limit to the scalability of these systems, and they are capable of sustaining move than 2000 simultaneous calls on a single server with a minimum amount of bandwidth.

Clearly any business with call center software needs some sort of automatic dialer.  Larger companies have the technology bundled into an enterprise-wide customer resource management (CRM) solution.  There are onsite and hosted solutions for call center software on the market today that include an automatic dialer suitable for a wide range of small to medium-sized businesses.  The best call center tools, including automatic dialers, are quick and easy to set up and can be used at the office, at a staff member’s home, or from any Wi-Fi hotspot.  They have the ability to track agent and campaign statistics and can be customized to suit any type of business.

One of the biggest advantages of a stand-alone automatic dialer solution is scalability.  A company can start with a smaller system and later build up to a more robust and larger capability without changing their automatic dialer solution.  Most use standard analog phone lines and agents can work from the office or telecommute from home.  An automatic dialer is easy to set up, use, and maintain, and many studies have shown them to be more effective than predictive dialers in raising employee production, lowering downtime, and raising company revenue.  The cost in hardware and telephone usage is also significantly lower than a predictive dialer solution.

Whether a company has 10 call center employees or 1000, an automatic dialer can decrease agent downtime, increase profits, and lead to more satisfied customers.

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