Call Center Articles

What Is A Hosted Call Center?

There are two ways to service call center solutions, and one of them is becoming quite popular in recent years. You may either opt for a set-up that is in-house where you will be operating in your own building with your software or the other, more popular option is known as the hosted call center, […]

Why You Need Call Monitoring Software If You Want To Succeed

Call monitoring is a great way to keep tabs on your agents, and finding the right call monitoring software is imperative. With call monitoring software, you can use recorded calls as coachable moments for your agents; and if they know you’re monitoring their calls, it will improve customer service as a result. The best way […]

Best Software for Virtual Call Centers

In the process of shopping for the right software for your virtual call centers, you will want to examine those companies that offer the best virtual call center software. Extensive research throughout the virtual call center industry will point you toward a number of different solutions, but every one of these solutions will promote their offerings as […]

Customer Service without the Cubicle: Virtual Call Center Software

If you are like other customer service organizations, you are focused on delivering the best customer experience possible in every interaction. Are you sure you are achieving the level of customer satisfaction that is expected by your customers? Virtual call center software can provide you with the tools you need to actually measure the performance […]

Call Center Software Solutions Today Drive Social CRM Integration

Have you tied your customer relationship management (CRM) platform into your call center efforts? If not, you are missing out on significant opportunities to drive key customer accounts to the next level. And, if you are ready to take CRM to your social platforms, you can easily develop a strategy focused directly on your target […]

Can You Optimize Value in Open Source Call Center Software Platforms?

The call center is a complicated environment, one complete with incoming calls, outgoing calls, multiple channels of communications, forecasting, scheduling, up-selling, cross-selling, performance pressures and reporting. Just these things alone are enough to make your head spin, yet if you are in the contact center management role, you have to deal with these things every […]

Call Center Software: Do You Know What Your Reps Are Doing?

There is an assumption in the call center industry that those who leverage the at-home agent model don’t really know what their agents are doing as they are unable to monitor them as they could if the agents were working in a physical center. The problem with this assumption is that it ignores the advances […]

VoIP Contact Center: Why Shrinkage is Your Worst Nightmare

Whether you run an on-premise or virtual contact center, you know that shrinkage is your worst nightmare. This time that your agents spend doing anything other than interacting with customers is a drain on your overall budget. The biggest challenge for you is that some of the activities they are completing are necessary to the […]

Call Center Software to Ensure the Grumpy Deliver Great Service

The call center environment is not always the easiest culture in which to work. If you have ever worked in the shoes of an agent, you know the pressure they face to not only deliver the kind of experience the customer expects, but to also meet key deliverables established by the organization. If they also […]

Contact Center Software: Why You Need the Fluff

When researching contact center softwareand other technology offerings, you will notice that some vendors will tell you that the bells and whistles are great to have on hand in case you need them. In other instances, you will hear that on-demand solutions are great because you don’t have to pay for the fluff unless you […]