Call Center Articles

Why a Virtual Contact Center May Not Be a Good Fit

With all the talk rambling through your industry surrounding cloud computing, you may have wondered if the virtual contact center is the right direction for your company. There are a few things that you need to examine before you can truly answer this question and develop a strategy for moving forward. First, do you want […]

Contact Center Virtualization Success Story: Huntington National Bank

Contact centers have traditionally been in-house, brick and mortar buildings housing agents who make or answer calls and serve as the primary touch point between the company and the customer base. While the touch point requirement is still the same, a number of organizations are moving to a contact center virtualization environment that allows for […]

VoIP Call Center Call Recording Success

If you operate a VoIP call center, you are in the perfect position to be able to easily record all agent/customer interactions to measure the performance of your individual agents and identify key training opportunities. The Colorado Department of Corrections is one organization to leverage this capability in order to improve the performance of its […]

Virtual Contact Center Software Can Upset Your On-Premise Culture

Yours is a culture that has always kept everything in-house. You never outsource anything, you buy all your software, support all of your servers in your data center and can see every single call center employee on your call floor. While this kind of environment was the standard for a great number of years, the […]

Contact Center Management: How to Confuse Your Agents

Within the contact center, there are a lot of things that can change: the volume of calls, the number of agents you have available to take calls, the skills sets on the call floor at any given time, call center tools, and more. The one thing that stays fairly consistent, however, is the pressure you […]

Call Center Technology: Don’t Overload Your System

If you operate in the call center space, you likely use a number of different call center technology solutions to ensure optimal performance. What’s interesting is that the industry has evolved to the point that nothing can get done if the right call center technology is not in place to manage the process. Vendors will […]

Virtual Call Center: Make Sure Your Business Doesn’t Fail

What platform have you implemented to deliver a satisfactory level of customer satisfaction and support? Have you been running a traditional, brick and mortar call center, housing a full staff of qualified call center agents? Have you implemented a platform that allows you to set up remote agents all over the world? Or, have you […]

How-to Guide to Reducing Contact Center Attrition

Business looking to improve their contact center work environment and minimize workforce turnover can benefit from an analysis of their processes and the use of emerging technology. Yet technology can’t solve every problem–a remote work model using contact center virtualization won’t automatically make every agent happy. There are soft processses involved when reducing attrition and improving work […]

The Business Case for Call Center Software Investment

Many companies today are finding their call centers are not keeping up with their business needs.  Any company that is having difficulty tracking key performance measures, such as customer and employee satisfaction, should invest in the latest call center technology if it expects to meet their objectives for those key business processes. There hasn’t been […]

What Your Business Can Gain from Call Center Technology

Any business that operates a call center is constantly looking for ways to maximize production and increase sales while minimizing overhead costs.  In the last two decades, several technology tools have become available to help a company get the most of their call center processes.  Any business that is anticipating growth needs the very latest […]