Call Center Articles

Best Call Center Application on the Market

There are many call center applications on the market offering a wide range of solutions for small and large businesses.  Investing in a call center application is a capital expenditure for most businesses so identifying business needs and software that best meets those needs is a high priority and will go a long way in […]

What to Look for in Telemarketing Software Solutions

Companies looking at telemarketing software solutions are generally looking for ways to get more sales or productivity from their existing staff.  There are several telemarketing software solutions on the market and choosing the right solution can make a positive impact on the company’s bottom line. Telemarketers have a tough job, with the frenetic pace and […]

Why You Should Consider a Virtual Call Center?

Of all the buzzwords floating about these days in the telecommunications industry, one of the most important is “virtualization.”  A growing trend in call centers over the past few years has been the move toward more use of a virtual call center to cut costs and to drive sales and customer service.  There are many […]

Why Your Call Center Needs an Automatic Dialer

In the early days of call centers, the most common reason for agent downtime was their time spent dialing phone numbers.  With the advent of  the automatic dialer in the 1980s, call centers had the tools to cut down drastically on costly time spent dialing numbers.  Since then, the technology has grown more sophisticated with […]

Make the Most of Your Contact Center with a Predictive Dialing Solution

Businesses looking to get more production and higher close rates from their call center agents are turning to a predictive dialing solution as a cost-effective solution.  Business size does not matter as the technology is available for companies of all shapes and sizes. One of the newer contact center tools is a predictive dialing solution. […]

Business Benefits of a VOIP Contact Center

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) contact center technology is gaining momentum with businesses of all sizes.  By having voice and data transmissions on one line, a company can dramatically cut costs while still maintaining high levels of service. VoIP switches are, generally, less costly and much easier to maintain than the traditional voice systems, including […]

Five Best Call Center Solutions

The best call center solutions on the market today depends on the segment of the business population in which your company resides.  There are enterprise-wide solutions by the top software makers in the world that are best suited for the largest corporations; whereas, stand-alone cloud-based call center applications are particularly well-suited for small to medium-sized […]

Must Have Call Center Tools for the Best Customer Support

Today’s call center is a crucial support channel for organizations of all sizes.  Contact centers are the front line in customer contact for many companies and are responsible for cross-selling and up-selling a business’s products and services.  In order to keep this process operating at peak efficiency, the right contact center tools must be available […]

Gaining a Competitive Advantage with Virtual Call Center Software

Virtual call center software has many advantages over a traditional in-house call center that can allow a business to cut costs and gain a competitive advantage in a global economy.  Providing fast, accurate customer responses gives a business the best advertising available, and there are many ways valuable information can be delivered to customers with […]

Why a Virtual Contact Center is a Better Choice for your Business

Just as many companies have discovered the value and cost savings of virtualization in computer hardware, many are now applying the same concepts to other parts of the business.  In a global marketplace, many more companies worldwide are recognized the potential of outsourcing as a way to stay competitive.  Thus, in an effort to cut […]