Do you pay attention to your call center security?

What if a former employee was able to collaborate with criminals, access your system, and take sensitive customer financial information? How many of your customers would be at risk? Thousands? Now think how many customers would want to stay with your business after losing their accounts because of your negligence. Imagine the reputational harm, the news coverage, and the regulatory lashings that would destroy your business.

It’s not a far fetched scenario. It’s reality. Are you doing enough to secure your call center?

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Let’s look at the different ways your call center might be vulnerable:

  1. Access – Do people who are no longer working or have moved to a different position still have access rights to data that they should not have?
  2. Background – Are you doing thorough background checks continually through employment? Are you doing drug testing and seeing if there’s any financial duress, violence, or other behaviour that might motivate people to abuse their power?
  3. Theft – Are you restricting the use of USB flash drives, disks, cameras, call phone cameras, and other recording devices? These can all be used for stealing data.
  4. Data – Do you only give call center employees the necessary data needed for them to do their job? Agents don’t need the full financial details and credit card numbers of customers. Are you redacting sensitive information and only giving partial fields such as the last 4 digits of a credit card number?
  5. Employee – Are your employees safe when they leave your call center? Is there security patrolling the perimeter of the parking lot? Are employees vulnerable to criminal activity on your property? Do they have safe ways to get home? Are they leaving alone?

These are the major risks, but people will always find new ways to defeat countermeasures and security. The greatest weapon is information. Stay informed, be proactive, look for vulnerabilities in your systems and processes, then correct them. The greatest threat is the one you don’t see coming.

Call Center Security Quick-tips

Here are some basic recommendations to help you protect your call center and your business:

  1. Revoke access rights as soon as possible. Make a department responsible and ensure they have the power to do it. Outline clear processes. Monitor and enforce access right security.
  2. Conduct thorough screening during the hiring process and continually monitor employees for any possible threats.
  3. Ban recording devices and make it hard for employees to record sensitive data.
  4. Follow PCI-DSS standards, ISO 27001 and ISO 27002
  5. Provide security, promote the buddy system, and ensure your parking lot is well lit with high visibility in every direction. Arrange rideshares if possible.

How do you promote your call center’s security? Do you have any of these vulnerabilities? Could you benefit from a security audit? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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