Is your call center ready for the next level? Do you already engage in best practices for your call center? CIAC certification might be the next step to boost your call center’s performance even further. You may not have heard of this industry recognized independent certification so lets explore further.

What is CIAC Certification?

CIAC Certification is an industry-sanctioned contact center management certification program. CIAC Certification is a standardized and accredited credential administered by the nonprofit Call Center Industry Advisory Council for call center managers to demonstrate knowledge, skills, and competency in their profession.

Additionally, the CIAC says:

“CIAC Certification testing is based on call center industry-defined competency standards that specify the knowledge, skills and attributes indicative of superior work performance.  The competencies are specific to the job role and at mastery-level.  They are written universally in scope and definition for global applicability and to foster international employment mobility.”

Achieving Certification

There are four different certification tracks:

  1. Certified Strategic Leader (CCSL) – For senior managers and executives with a minimum of one year of experience to verify expertise in strategic leadership and management
  2. Certified Operations Manager (CCOM) – For professionals with a minimum of one year of experience responsible for managing day-to-day, tactical call center operations to verify expertise in operational management
  3. Certified Management Consultant (CCMC) – For consultants and training professionals (internal or external) with a minimum of one year of experience to verify expert knowledge of call center business operations
  4. Certified Management Associate (CCMA) – For those new or with limited experience in call center management to validate professional competency in essential call center management knowledge and skills.

The certification process consists of the following steps:

  1. Select the certification track you want to test for (CCSL, CCOM, CCMC, CCMA)
  2. Study and train for the tests through on-the-job experience and through training/education
  3. Complete the 4 Objective Assessment tests in the four knowledge areas of People Management, Operations Management, Customer Relationship Management, and Leadership & Business Management
  4. Complete the Work Product Assignment, an on the job assignment that assesses application of acquired knowledge and skills

Note that you have 2 years to complete the certification testing process once you begin. Recertification is also required every three years in order to maintain your certified designation. This is necessary to ensure the individual continues to possess the latest knowledge and skills necessary to excel in call center management.

Training and education for the CIAC certification is available from various vendors. A simple search online will bring up numerous results.

Today’s competitive environment demands excellence in every aspect of your business. CIAC Certification might give your call center a distinguishing advantage over your competitors, ultimately leading to more satisfied customers, lower costs, and a better business overall.


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