Ameyo is becoming the technology platform that is helping to create successful telemarketing processes of Positive Response Telemarketing Agency, or PRTA, in Australia.

Ameyo is an IP-based call center solution from Drishti-Soft Solutions in India. With Ameyo, PRTA not only achieve automation of outbound processes but also reduced the turnaround time for each new campaign and adding efficiency to their service delivery.

Damon Bromley, MD for PRTA, said Ameyo has been an excellent technology base for their outbound campaigns and their solution gives them the flexibility to create their own campaigns and add/reduce the number of seats as per business requirement.

Bromley says their team can self-do all the campaigns and workflow changes with just a few clicks and the solution has been a great value-add to their technology infrastructure.

Ameyo gains flexibility from its SOA and MDA based architecture and it is capable of accommodating process changes and delivering the strength with minimum time and development efforts.

VP of Business Development, Drishti-Soft, Sachin Bhatia says Ameyo is marketed as an all-in-one solution which it truly is and it pre-integrates high-end developer tools like Node Flow Designer, Reportika, Scripter and much more.

Bhati further added that all the developer tools come with easy-to-use user interfaces that offer single click functionalities for creation of even most complex workflows and that the deploying organization can have resources with minimal IT skills.

Positive Response Telemarketing Agency or PRTA is a reputed telemarketer and response management solutions provider that was established in 2003 with headquarters in St Leonard’s, Australia.

Drishti-Soft Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is an innovator of communications technologies for next-generation Enterprises that empowers them to dynamically manage their Business Processes.

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