Five9, a provider of cloud based call center software, is planning to offer a more comprehensive cloud based call center solution to serve the needs of its larger customers better. 

Five9 has partnered with NICE Systems, a provider of intent based solutions that enable organizations to improve business and operation performance through cross-channel analytics, to integrate NICE Systems’ quality management and workforce management into the Five9 portfolio of on demand call center services and software.

Mike Burkland, Five9’s CEO, explained the move:

“As we continue to move up-market and serve the needs of more complex customers, it’s important to provide comprehensive and integrated solutions which have been proven and established in the marketplace – the NICE SmartCenter, NICE’s workforce optimization solutions, and NICE’s market reputation add this to the Five9 portfolio of software and services.”

The company further explained that the major benefits of this partnership will be access to advanced analytics that will help clients increase revenue, enhance the customer experience, improve compliance to regulations such as PCI-DSS, optimize office operations, enhance data protection, and boost customer retention capabilities.

Both companies’ CEO’s were publicly optimistic about the partnership’s fruitfulness. Yochai Rozenblat, NICE’s CEO, stated, “We believe that this cooperation with a leading provider of virtual call center software is a very good fit for delivering our real-time cross-channel solutions either on premise or in the cloud.”

The Bigger Picture

Five9’s augmentation of its product portfolio to achieve a more holistic, complete contact center solution is part of a larger general trend within the cloud based contact center industry to improve its applications and invest in development. DMG Consulting, an industry strategy and research firm specializing in the contact center/real-time analytics segment, predicted in a recent report that hosted contact center infrastructure is projected to grow 25% in 2011 and 20% in 2012. The firm also reported the trend that many providers of cloud based/hosted solutions are investing millions of dollars and expending tremendous effort to more effectively compete with traditional premise based contact center solutions, in addition to introducing new functionality previously unavailable in the market.


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