Best Software for Virtual Call Centers


In the process of shopping for the right software for your virtual call centers, you will want to examine those companies that offer the best virtual call center software. Extensive research throughout the virtual call center industry will point you toward a number of different solutions, but every one of these solutions will promote their offerings as the best in the industry. You will want to consider third party independent evaluations to know for sure, and here you will find a bit of insight on two leading providers in this space: Contactual and Five9.

Contactual Virtual Call Center

An examination of the virtual call centers space will likely land you on a number of different sources sharing the benefits of virtual call centers solutions providers. Contactual is a powerful player in this space if for no other reason than the strength of its on-demand solution. If you want to integrate your remote offices, headquarters and outsourced locations all into virtual call centers, Contactual provides everything you need to get this done and create a single operation that will perform seamlessly across the organization. Contactual virtual call centers solutions make it easy and fast to deploy a virtual call center platform, requiring only an agent, a phone, an Internet connection and a web browser.

Widely Implemented Contactual Virtual Call Centers

With Contactual virtual call centers, your organization can easily and cost-effectively manage multiple and geographically dispersed agents. You not only are better equipped to deliver customer service, you can also achieve business continuity and customer service resiliency when challenges arise. Virtual call centers from Contactual that are most widely implemented include the technical support help desk; home-based agents; the inbound call center; and customer service call center software.

Optimize Virtual Call Centers with Five9

It really doesn’t matter whether your call center efforts are focused on outbound, inbound or blended, you can leverage virtual call centers from Five9 that can streamline your customer service efforts, while keeping your costs in line with your budget. Five9 offers such features as IVR, ACD, predictive dialers, voice self-service, speech recognition, automated notifications, auto dialers and more. You can truly drive efficient operations with Five9 virtual call centers by focusing on your customer service initiatives and leaving the virtual call centers support to this managed services provider.

Taking Virtual Call Centers to the Next Level

Five9 allows you to do more than just meet your customer service expectations. The company’s integrated workforce management solution, quality monitoring, call recording and agent scripting features ensure that virtual call centers run according to expectations, forecasted volumes and agent availability. Virtual call centers allow you to leverage the capability of the cloud to eliminate much of the junk that is inherent in the traditional call center and focus simply on efficiently handling calls.

Virtual Call Centers – Which Do You Choose?

In the end, you could leverage virtual call centers from either Five9 or Contactual and you would experience positive outcomes. You still need to conduct a thorough needs analysis to know which virtual call center provider best fits your environment, but selecting either company will put you on the right track.

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