Call Center Software: Do You Know What Your Reps Are Doing?


There is an assumption in the call center industry that those who leverage the at-home agent model don’t really know what their agents are doing as they are unable to monitor them as they could if the agents were working in a physical center. The problem with this assumption is that it ignores the advances in call center software solutions that have led to improved monitoring of the call center agent base that allows supervisors to always know who is on the phone, who is making calls, what they are doing in specific accounts and whether or not they are meeting their key performance metrics (KPIs). This type of call center software can be leveraged both in-house and with remote agents to ensure your call center performs as expected.

Call Center Software and True Monitoring

The reality in the call center software arena is that a number of different companies – many just like yours – will insist that they conduct monitoring. While some of them must do this practice as part of its industry regulations, others may opt to do monitoring to improve quality assurance. The latter is often promised to the caller when they place the call to the center, but how many of these calls are actually used for improvements?

With the right call center technology and call center software in place, call center managers not only monitor calls, they also capture the entire interaction so that interaction can actually be used for training. After all, how can your agents improve if they don’t know where they are? You have to be able to measure their performance and then given them coaching and training sessions that enable them to improve.

Call Center Software Should Deliver Reporting

It is more than likely that you already have a call center software platform in place that will report on the overall performance of the center. The question you need to answer is how much detail is provided in that reporting? Can you see performance metrics for each agent? Can your agents access that on their own desktops to see how they are performing? Do you group your teams together to see how they are performing against your standard metrics and against each other? Can you pick the metrics you want to measure and report on, or are you stuck with the out-of-the-box reporting features? These are all important questions to answer when evaluating a call center software platform as a lack of proper reporting tools can quickly diminish the value of the platform.

Call Center Software and Call Routing

In a call center with many agents who are answering many calls, have you implemented a robust call center software platform that allows for efficient call routing to take place? Keep in mind that it is not enough for the platform to simply route calls to the next available individual; you want to be sure that individual can properly handle the call. Your customers don’t want to be handed off several times to try and get one question answered or one issue resolved. Focus on implementing a call center software solution that will intelligently route callers to the agent best suited to resolve the caller issue and you will not only improve your performance, you’ll also deliver better service to your customer base.

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