Call Center Software Solutions Today Drive Social CRM Integration


Have you tied your customer relationship management (CRM) platform into your call center efforts? If not, you are missing out on significant opportunities to drive key customer accounts to the next level. And, if you are ready to take CRM to your social platforms, you can easily develop a strategy focused directly on your target audience. Call center software solutions that leverage CRM and social media can help you to extend your reach and better control your brand in the eyes of your customers. When evaluating call center solutions, you need to learn how they will drive social CRM integration or you won’t gain the expected value from the platform.

Why Social Integration in Call Center Software Solutions?

You’ve likely heard endless reports on the value of social media, but have you paid much attention to the role it can play in your CRM? Call center software solutions should do so much more than just capturing calls, intelligently routing customers and reporting on overall performance. Your call center software solutions should be able to integrate into your social media efforts to capture those opportunities that are identified in this realm.

In other words, can you capture what people are saying about your products or services on common social networking sites? What if a customer has a problem that you have been unable to fix – or are simply unaware of – and they instead publicize the issue on their preferred social media channel. Can you take that information, plug it into your CRM and your call center software solutions to improve the experience for that customer? Once you gain this capability, you can more effectively target specific customers and drive revenue.

Call Center Software Solutions Help You Control the Message

You can also look to call center software solutions to control the message you make available through social CRM. You likely already capture specific information into your CRM platform when interacting with customers. What if your call center software solutions could extract specific information – such as a favorite product, desired enhancements to a product, delivering preferences, etc., – and then design your social media message according to highly identified needs.

For instance, if you notice that many of your customers would prefer that the products you offer be made available in a one-box, hybrid solution, you could develop this solution and then announce its availability on your customers’ preferred media channels. When using call center software solutions to handle the calling necessary to fill orders on the new hybrid product, you can then measure the effectiveness of your social CRM campaign.

Will Call Center Software Solutions Always Integrate?

There are still some who believe that call center software solutions should remain separate from other technology platforms, such as CRM or social CRM. And, while there are likely to be industries in which this integration won’t deliver as much value, industry research has demonstrated that consumers are overwhelmingly using social media to communicate with friends, colleagues and even just acquaintances.

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