Contact Center Management: How to Confuse Your Agents

Within the contact center, there are a lot of things that can change: the volume of calls, the number of agents you have available to take calls, the skills sets on the call floor at any given time, call center tools, and more. The one thing that stays fairly consistent, however, is the pressure you are under to be sure your contact center performs according to expectations, while not exceeding your budget requirements. It is a constant struggle to balance these two polar requirements, but those skilled at contact center management find that there are ways to make this balance possible.

Contact Center Management Must-Haves
If you have processes in place that confuse your agents, you are definitely missing your productivity and performance marks. In the role of contact center management, you and other leaders within your space need to empower your agents to do the best job they can do without complicating their tasks. To do that, there are certain tools you should have in place. First, implement a workforce management platform to be sure you can forecast and schedule according to valid and accurate data. Second, have call monitoring software in place and use them to provide training and feedback for your agents. If your agents are unclear as to their own performance, they are less likely to do a good job. And, finally, contact center management should always focus on incentives for good work.

Contact Center Management Fluff

While there are certain tools you should have in place to be sure your center performs as expected, there are also elements that are very easy to find in the contact center that do little more than take up space. A call recording solution that does nothing more than record calls is a fluff piece. Yes, you need call recording as a primary contact center management tool. But, if all you are doing is recording calls, what benefit does that actually deliver? Second, get rid of the spreadsheets. You can dynamically manage your teams that way and while it may make your contact center management staff feel as though they are in control, it really only complicates things. Finally, get rid of the incentives that don’t work. Find out the currency of your workers and capitalize on it to motivate them to perform.

Has Contact Center Management Confused Your Agents Yet?

With so many different tools available on the market that promise you the world in terms of drive optimal performance among your staff, why haven’t you achieved that level yet? The answer may be found somewhere in your strategy. Believe it or not, a lot of the different tools developed to make an agent’s life easier can actually make them confused and frustrated when they don’t know how to use the tools or why they should use them. Be sure you rely on effective change management policies and train your agents according to the tools they will use. Empowering them to do their job well will only mean that your contact center management efforts have paid off.

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