Customer Service without the Cubicle: Virtual Call Center Software

If you are like other customer service organizations, you are focused on delivering the best customer experience possible in every interaction. Are you sure you are achieving the level of customer satisfaction that is expected by your customers? Virtual call center software can provide you with the tools you need to actually measure the performance of your call center in the eyes of the customer.
One of the biggest missteps companies make in measuring customer satisfaction is not truly measuring it from the perspective of the customer, but instead measuring it from their own performance standards. With the right call center tools and virtual call center software in place, you can leverage key operations for measuring customer satisfaction that you may be missing in your in-house deployment.


Virtual Call Center Software – Measure Performance

An article in the Harvard Business Review suggests that 80 percent of customer service organizations – just like yours – rely on customer satisfaction scores to gauge their success. The article suggests that these companies may be measuring the wrong thing when they are measuring for customer satisfaction. When you are selecting your virtual call center software, you need to think in terms of disloyalty instead of loyalty. Whether you rely on in-house solutions or virtual call center software, 84 percent of your customers are likely to leave your interactions less than satisfied with the outcome. When this happens, you aren’t breeding customer loyalty – you are actually breeding discontent. Before you implement your virtual call center software, be sure it will allow you to focus on helping customers by solving their issues both quickly and easily.

Virtual Call Center Software – Why Eliminate the Cubicle?

If you are running a customer service organization and you normally run your operation out of the physical call center environment, you may not be sure why you should consider virtual call center software. There are a number of benefits that can make this change make sense to your bottom line. For one, you can leverage the latest in call center technology without paying the latest in price. Second, you can focus your hiring based on skill sets and background instead of geographic location. Third, you can eliminate much of the cost associated with the brick and mortar location by leveraging virtual call center software. While these benefits just scratch the surface in terms of the virtues of virtual call center software, the key focus for you is the enhanced ability to deliver on customer expectations without absorbing – and passing along – the costs associated with the physical call center. The virtual call center software deployment allows you to do away with the cubicles and focus on truly serving the customer.

Reduce the Hassle with Virtual Call Center Software

With your focus on customer satisfaction, you likely also measure customer churn. When you implement virtual call center software, you can focus all efforts on handling customer issues instead of infrastructure battles. The customer only cares about receiving quick and easy resolution to a problem. If your in-house infrastructure isn’t getting the job done, you need to consider virtual call center software to eliminate the hassles associated with difficult customer issues. When hassles are eliminated, customers are happy and your bottom line enjoys a more solid base.

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