Five Best Call Center Solutions


The best call center solutions on the market today depends on the segment of the business population in which your company resides.  There are enterprise-wide solutions by the top software makers in the world that are best suited for the largest corporations; whereas, stand-alone cloud-based call center applications are particularly well-suited for small to medium-sized businesses.  No matter the size of the business, the call center is not only a main point of contact for many customers, it is also one of the main points of reference for overall business service standards.

For large Fortune 500 companies, call center solutions are part of an overall customer resource management (CRM) solution, which in turn, may be part of a larger enterprise resource planning (ERP) initiative.  The top service providers in this industry segment are heavy-hitters, such as Microsoft, SAP, and Oracle.  The ERP solutions offered by these giants of the industry include comprehensive call center and communications solutions that allow for a seamless flow of information between the business and all clients, vendors, and customers. 

For smaller businesses, there are literally hundreds of call center software solutions on the market today.  One of the top vendors for call center solutions is inContact.  inContact offers many different products to meet the needs of businesses seeking a cost effective hosted call center platform.  They specialize in cloud-based solutions that help companies meet challenges while creating new business opportunities.  inContact’s software solutions give businesses of all sizes a multi-channel customer contact center that includes the internet, fax, telephone, email, video, interactive voice response (IVR), chat, and voice mail.  With these points of contact, clients can get the answers they need any time and any place.

Ameyo Communications Suite is another top provider of call center software.  Their solutions support excellence in customer support that is crucial to businesses in the start-up and expansion phases.  Ameyo’s IVR system coupled with a unified message system that includes email, chat, and fax all contribute to and draw from an integrated database that allows call center staff to exceed customer expectations while enhancing the business brand image and customer loyalty.  The software also includes skill-based call routing, queue management, and call flow and call handling management tools, such as call transfer, call parking, and call hunting, to provide a comprehensive solution.  It also features the latest in customizable reporting capabilities so management can keep tabs on all facets of the contact center process.

There are a number of freeware and open source call center software solutions on the market today, but the vast majority only addresses one small facet of the process, such as call tracking or help desk management.  These are poor solutions for all but the most cashed strapped small businesses, since for the software to be effective, the company would have to integrate multiple solutions.  Getting two or more freeware call center solutions to work together and share data would require application integration costs that are beyond the price range of most small businesses.

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