Gaining a Competitive Advantage with Virtual Call Center Software

Virtual call center software has many advantages over a traditional in-house call center that can allow a business to cut costs and gain a competitive advantage in a global economy. 

Providing fast, accurate customer responses gives a business the best advertising available, and there are many ways valuable information can be delivered to customers with virtual call center software.  Interactive voice response (IVR) systems guide users through a series of prompts to resolve problems, and electronic voice recognition is also an effective new tool offered with many solutions.  Email features allow clients to send inquiries directly to customer service agents, who can update the record with new information and easily review prior contact records to understand the totality of an account’s case history.  Of course, the agents can respond by phone as well.

Some of the latest virtual call center software innovations give companies even more points of contact that ensure even more business value is received and that customer satisfaction remains high.  In addition to servicing inbound and outbound calls, technical help desks are helpful to a company’s employees as well.  There is nothing more costly to a modern company than unexpected systems downtime.  Fire, earthquakes, and utility outages can cause havoc on a business and cost thousands in lost revenue.  By outsourcing customer support with virtual call center software, customers are not impacted by system disruption at their company.  If disruption should occur at the virtual call center, those companies offer fault tolerant, disaster recovery services that put a business back online in a timely manner.  Many vendors also offer chat support services so customers can use smartphones and other mobile devices to get answers in real-time over the Internet.

There are many immediate benefits to be derived from a switch to virtual call center software that can help a business achieve short- and long-term strategic objectives.  With many of the most time consuming, repetitive tasks automated by the CSS solution, employees can be more productive and satisfied, leading to a lower turnover rate.  With more advanced virtual call center software, there are fewer calls that need to be escalated, and as a result, fewer calls need human intervention.  A virtual call center can save a business thousands of dollars on software, hardware, and other costly infrastructure in addition to those productivity gains.  Many businesses will see a reduced need for hiring agents and other call center personnel.  Attaining effective call center services at a reasonable price is one of the most important processes for a business to achieve its overall strategic goals.

For small to medium-sized businesses looking to gain an advantage on their competition, many vendors offer scalable communication-as-a-service (CaaS) solutions that grow with the business while providing great value at a reasonable cost.  Many also enable an increased presence on popular social media networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, to provide improved customer service and better drive sales and customer loyalty.

The best virtual call center software and vendors focus on the most cost efficient ways to reach new customers and retain loyal clients.  Businesses today must have a customer service process and communications network in place in order to compete successfully with other companies in a global marketplace.

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