Must Have Call Center Tools for the Best Customer Support


Today’s call center is a crucial support channel for organizations of all sizes.  Contact centers are the front line in customer contact for many companies and are responsible for cross-selling and up-selling a business’s products and services.  In order to keep this process operating at peak efficiency, the right contact center tools must be available whether the contact center is located on-premise or hosted in a remote computing cloud.

One of the most important call center tools for any software package or vendor is a powerful back-end database to store customer and staff information.  With a relational database accessible at different levels by call center staff and management, staff can quickly access all relevant customer information while management can easily generate reports on a number of different sales and human resources performance factors.  Management also needs detailed, real-time information about call traffic, and the best contact center management software has that functionality in place.

A company should choose contact center management software with tools that enable effective human resource management.  Having the ability to quickly analyze real-time reports concerning attendance rates, cost of training, cost of hiring, individual staff call occupancy rates, average call times, and more are key to maintaining a quality work force.  Underperforming employees can be identified more easily and targeted for training in the specific areas in which they are having trouble.  By knowing which call center agents are the highest performers, complex calls can be more easily be routed to the people most qualified to quickly and easily resolve them.  With these tools in hand, businesses can do a better job of lowering employee turnover and improving employee motivation.

Contact center management is also critical to monitoring important key metrics concerning the quality of customer service being provided to clients.  The number of calls taken per staff member per hour, average amount of time taken to correct a problem, and the average call length are all important factors to help management determine best practices in the call center and to identify which employees are performing at a high level.  With relevant feedback, employees will be more productive and more effective at quickly resolving requests and problems.  The right call center tools can also help management determine peak calling times so that adequate staff is always on hand to keep customers from hanging on hold too long, or simply hanging up.

Another must-have tool to seek when selecting contact center management software is the ability to quickly produce customer reports.  Call center staff should have all customer information they need to do their job at their fingertips.  Management should be able to carefully analyze reports on the customer base to design more effective advertising campaigns and new product releases.  Knowing who the business’s customers are and how to reach them in a cost-effective manner is one of the most important features of call center tools.

Contact center management is a fast evolving part of many businesses today.  Having the right tools to evaluate both clients calling in and the employees taking the calls will go a long way in determining the success of the initiative.  Compare call center software carefully with this in mind. This is turn will help determine the short- and long-term success of a company in today’s competitive global economic climate.

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