What Is A Hosted Call Center?


There are two ways to service call center solutions, and one of them is becoming quite popular in recent years. You may either opt for a set-up that is in-house where you will be operating in your own building with your software or the other, more popular option is known as the hosted call center, referred to as an application service provider, or ASP. Hosted call centers have become more popular recently because they offer little costs up front and do bring a nice alternative to get your communications operation to market rapidly. The hosted call center is increasing in popularity and would be worth considering for your company’s next upgrade to keep your company at an advantage in the marketplace.

Hosted Call Center Offers Instant Access to the Tools You Need

Hosted call centers offer a tremendous advantage in that they’re easily set up and work even if you have only a small number of agents. With ASP, you can still have access to features that are of great value. As Internet speeds are continually increasing, it’s no longer necessary for your company to host software on your end. It can be accessed with a straight connection to the server that is run by your hosted call center provider. Call centers are able to pick the utilities you need and then buy the one that gives you access to what you need because there isn‘t installation. Hosted call centers will have instant access to the features they need as growth occurs and new requirements come up. Every function that used to be transferred to hardware is now able to be processed from a distant location using technology from a hosted call center.

Hosted Call Centers Have Advanced Substantially in Recent Years

Hosted call center solutions grant employers the convenience they need to provide the customer service clients deserve. Managers now have ample time to handle the customer or staffing issues they need to deal with instead of handling IT problems. Security is often the first concern when someone is considering the move to a hosted call center solution. The possibility of fraud is there but in reality the benefits are simply too good to ignore just because of security concerns. With the right safeguards in place you can protect your customer information and also yours, while keeping your company as risk-free as possible.

Few Disadvantages of Hosted Call Center Solutions

Although there is no Internet connection that is totally fail-safe, there are very few problems with the hosted call center. Some problems include such things as the occasional Internet worm or an internal failure within your network. However, you can’t access it even if your hosted call center is operating and these occurrences are rare. You do still need to be aware of their possibility. There are disadvantages to having complete control over your call center software. Staff alone will cost quite a bit and just having the system will require you to have some IT expertise in order to maintain it properly and keep things updated. If you choose the hosted call center solution, you will have a bigger upfront cost to purchase and set it up with software and servers and after that you pay annual fees for customer support and upgrades.


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