Why You Need Call Monitoring Software If You Want To Succeed


Call monitoring is a great way to keep tabs on your agents, and finding the right call monitoring software is imperative. With call monitoring software, you can use recorded calls as coachable moments for your agents; and if they know you’re monitoring their calls, it will improve customer service as a result. The best way for a contact center to analyze the calling skills and performance of its agents is to monitor calls, so having call monitoring software in place is your most important tool in managing the customer experience.

Call Monitoring Software Offers Ways to Keep Tabs on Agents

Rather than using call monitoring software to just keep an eye on your agents, give them more of a role in their training and quality assurance by having them choose a best call of the week. Both you and the agents choose two or three calls that best demonstrate an ideal customer interaction, which not only gives you a better idea of what they think is their best work, but also gives you the opportunity to point out specific examples of what you’re looking for from them. It can also serve as a way for you and your agents to single out instances where they had trouble with a customer.

Call Monitoring Software Offers Immense Benefits

Call monitoring software also ensures that agents are more attentive since their communication skills improve when they know you’re reviewing their calls. You’ll see handling time decrease, as well as more first call resolution. Though call monitoring software increases the pressure on agents to perform well since they know you’re monitoring them, it also provides you the call center tools with which you can evaluate agent performance and show them where they need improvement. Going over recorded examples, helps you better train your agents, as well as give them a better idea of their abilities and the way they handle customer interactions.

Attributes to Look For in Call Monitoring Software

Call monitoring software is most effective when it’s user-friendly and uncomplicated in its approach. You want something that will be easy to use, but also makes recalling and listening to the calls simple. Having this information easily accessible and on-file not only helps with agent training, but also can assist with customer problems in the future. If you have the recorded interaction on file when a customer has a problem, then you’ll know where the issue began and how best to approach the situation. You also need call monitoring software that allows you to jump in on a call in progress, allowing you to monitor agents in real time instead of just after the fact.

Call monitoring software offers many significant advantages call centers in addition to the above, such as in-depth analysis and knowledge by using scripts and processes to improve your agents’ customer service skills. Call monitoring software not only gives you a means by which to train and manage your call center agents, but it also gives you a greater understanding of customer concerns and common complaints. No call center can effectively manage its agents without call monitoring software.

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