What Your Business Can Gain from Call Center Technology


Any business that operates a call center is constantly looking for ways to maximize production and increase sales while minimizing overhead costs.  In the last two decades, several technology tools have become available to help a company get the most of their call center processes.  Any business that is anticipating growth needs the very latest in call center software to compete in today’s global economic environment.

Call centers have been around for decades historically providing services to receive and transmit large numbers of calls by telephone.  There are inbound call centers, which are often technical support and oriented to solving customer problems, and outbound call centers, which tend to be sales-oriented.  There are also a number of variations of both and some centers are a mixture of the two.  Contact centers are central points in an organization from which all customer calls and many internal inquiries are managed.  That term and the term “call centers” are interchangeable in many industries.  Modern call centers consist of an extensive open floor work space that provide agent work stations that include a computer and telephone with a headset for each worker.  In the early days of call centers, they were stand-alone operations.  Starting in the 1980s, call center technology and information technology allowed the process to become integrated with corporate computers and networks. 

Starting in the 1990s, call center technology became much more sophisticated with the introduction of automatic dialers, predictive dialers, interactive voice response (IVR) systems, and more.  At the same time, many companies were starting to adapt “lean” strategies in all parts of their business.  That movement has continued to this day with the business segment that includes VoIP contact centers and call center processes often merged with customer resource management (CRM) systems.  CRM and lean management techniques focus on the customer and eliminate anything from a business process that does not add value to the final product.  The merger of CRM with emerging call center technology have made call centers more efficient and effective than ever and changed the landscape of the process as well.

In a fast-paced world, people are less likely to wait on hold for a call to be routed to the right person.  Call center technology ensures customers won’t be on hold for long periods of time.  The latest tools with IVR systems can route a caller to the correct agent after a quick series of qualifying questions.  Some calls can be resolved with only an IVR system.

In an outbound call center operation, the latest call center technology tools can make the difference in employee productivity and net sales.  Auto dialers increase productivity by automatically dialing account contacts quickly, saving agents from performing this repetitive task and decreasing errors, such as wrong numbers, while discarding disconnected and busy calls without operator assistance.  The latest contact center software also has powerful management tools to help identify best practices and under-performing employees, as well as exceptional agents.  Calls answered per agent, average call times, and other management reports provided by call center management software are invaluable in today’s call centers.

Any business with a call center needs to have the very latest in call center technology to ensure satisfied and loyal customers and to help the business reach strategic goals and objectives.

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