Co-Location Price Discounts: Reduce your overhead, upgrade your services:

Published on December 4, 2008 in Computer Software, Technology


9810 Ashton Road, Philadelphia, PA 19114 (December 04, 2008) – To promote the use of our new server co-location facility, Voicenet has reduced prices on all new server Co-Locations through the end of 2008 by 10%.

Voicenet has full or partial co-location racks, secure co-location cages, and available upgrade to managed servers.

You provide the server, we will provide the complete support package, including:

* Air conditioned, CCTV monitored, 24 hour access facility
* Proximity cards for authorized employees and personal alarm code
* Redundant, divergent, high bandwidth fiber backbone
* Fully backed up electricity, with battery UPS and backup generator on premises
* User Crash Cart availability with on site keyboard, mouse, etc.
* Flexible pricing, package pricing, bundled services discounts
* Price for starter package as low as $129.00/month
* Choose your exact mix of power supply, bandwidth and rack space
* Expand as you grow, without expensive environment upgrades
* Free server reboots during staff hours
* Upgrade to a managed server and Voicenet will patch manage and security manage your servers

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