Helio Uses RightNow On Demand CRM to Capture the Voice of the Customer

Published on February 14, 2011 in Computer Software, Technology


Helio’s Contact Center Agents Rely on RightNow CRM to Provide Fast, Accurate and Cost-Effective Service

Bozeman, Mont (February 14, 2011) – Helio, a premium U.S. mobile service provider, has selected RightNow® Telecom, RightNow Technologies’ (NASDAQ: RNOW) on demand customer relationship management (CRM) solution for telecommunication companies, to help deliver exceptional customer experiences. Helio is supporting its mobile-savvy customer base by using RightNow on demand CRM, from relying on RightNow to gather and act on customers’ opinions to giving Helio contact center agents a way to provide timely and relevant information to customers.

Action Based on the Voice of the Customer

Providing a better customer experience requires an understanding of consumers’ expectations. Helio is using RightNow to capture customers’ opinions and act on that feedback. Following a service interaction, Helio uses RightNow to send customers a survey, so that they can rate their overall experience, including hold time and the agent’s professionalism and knowledge.

* With RightNow, Helio can easily modify survey questions, ensuring capture of the most needed customer feedback. This flexibility has helped Helio increase survey response rates by 900 percent.
* This data helps Helio better understand customers and proactively reach out to unhappy customers to rectify issues.

Today, RightNow introduced May ’08, the latest version of its enterprise-class, on demand CRM solution, which includes complete enterprise feedback management capabilities that cover customer contact points including phone, email and Web, across service, marketing and sales operations. RightNow May ’08 provides multi-channel capabilities to centrally capture the voice of the customer and take immediate action to deliver a better customer experience.

Arming Agents to Provide a Better Service Experience

Helio’s contact center agents use the RightNow agent desktop with access to RightNow’s robust and central knowledge base.

* RightNow leverages Web 2.0 technologies to meld the flexibility and ease of browser-based technology with the performance, richness, and interactivity that today’s enterprise contact centers need.
* The knowledge base provides Helio agents with one, central repository of information regarding product updates, and previous customer inquiries, and helps train new employees by providing consistent, accurate responses that they can access in a timely manner.

Comments on Customer Experience in the Telecommunications Industry

“At Helio, we look to use our member’s feedback to continually improve our service. With RightNow we are able to capture their opinions, quickly analyze the data and then take action. Together with RightNow, we are looking to set the bar high for wireless service providers.” Dennis Weikle Vice President, Member Care

“Consumers’ expectations of choice and flexibility regarding their interactions with businesses have never been higher. These expectations manifest in the diversity of their adoption of service touch points to resolve issues. However, companies continue to struggle with satisfying consumers across multiple channels and myriad services. This difficulty is largely due to companies’ silo approach (e.g., lacking unified knowledge bases, interaction histories, reporting, analytics) in managing customers’ interactions.” Customer’s Experience in Telecom JupiterResearch Study Commissioned by RightNow Technologies, June 25, 2007

About Helio

Helio is the mobile brand for the Internet generation. With advanced mobile services, exclusive, high-end, beautiful devices and smart pricing on a nationwide high-speed 3G network, Helio is built for consumers who have mobile at the center of their lives. Helio is a joint venture between SK Telecom, one of the world’s most advanced wireless carriers, and EarthLink, the next generation Internet service provider. www.helio.com.

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