Illinois Department of Revenue Improves Service, Cuts Costs and Gains Critical Insights With RightNow

Published on May 30, 2006 in Computer Software, Technology


Self-Learning Technology Automates Delivery of Timely, Accurate Information at Point-of-Contact with Taxpayers Across All Communication Channels

Bozeman, Mont (May 30, 2006) – RightNow(R) Technologies (NASDAQ: RNOW) today announced that the Illinois Department of Revenue (IDOR) has significantly improved service, cut its contact center costs, and gained valuable insights into taxpayers’ top issues by implementing RightNow’s solutions. RightNow has also helped IDOR embrace the public’s growing use of the Internet, respond instantaneously to tax law changes, and operate more efficiently.

IDOR has gained these benefits by taking advantage of RightNow’s unique ability to automate delivery of timely, accurate information at the point-of-contact with taxpayers across all communication channels. Using RightNow’s patented knowledge foundation technology, IDOR’s staff can easily maintain an up-to-date repository of important tax information without depending on IT. RightNow also allows taxpayers’ day-to-day questions to drive knowledge foundation content-ensuring tight alignment between the questions the public is asking and the answers the department is providing. This information is made available to taxpayers online through RightNow’s intuitive self-service interface. It is also used by IDOR’s contact center staff, so that they can give accurate, legally approved answers regardless of their individual expertise or experience.

One result of this highly effective self-service implementation is that the volume of email that individual IDOR employees needed to respond to dropped 83 percent from January 2005 to January 2006. Another result has been fewer errors in taxpayer returns-which further reduces IDOR workloads, while accelerating both revenue collection and distribution of refunds.

IDOR uses the insights it gets from its RightNow system to generate reports that indicate if particular aspects of the tax code are giving the general public trouble. That way, it can take corrective action such as clarifying language in its documentation.

IDOR also uses RightNow to pro-actively send out newsletters to tax practitioners in order to keep them updated about system errors and problems, upcoming events, and pending legislation. In addition to further promoting compliance, this trackable, automated email system saves the department paper, printing and postage costs.

“RightNow lets us use the Internet to maximum advantage, so we can better serve the taxpaying public,” Adrianne Erley, IDOR communications specialist, said. “The system makes everyone’s life easier and paid for itself within six months.”

As an on demand solution, RightNow enabled IDOR to reap all these benefits without requiring it to devote its already-overburdened IT resources to system implementation and management. RightNow hosts and manages system’s software and hardware for IDOR on a turnkey basis-while allowing it to retain full, direct control of content, business rules, upgrade schedules, and other system attributes.

“Government agencies of all kinds are under enormous pressure to provide quality services across both Internet and traditional contact center channels, despite tight budgets and constantly changing legislative mandates,” Steven Nesenblatt, vice president of RightNow’s government team, said. “The Illinois Department of Revenue’s experience demonstrates just how effectively RightNow’s technology addresses these challenges-and how easy it is to implement in comparison with the conventional software solutions government agencies have turned to in the past.”

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