Nevada Department of Taxation Selects Telax for New Taxpayer Helpdesk

Published on August 4, 2009 in Computer Software, Technology


Telax Hosted Call Center’s FFP (Firm Fixed Price) model makes it the clear choice for the Nevada Department of Taxation’s new helpdesk, which aims to provide residential and commercial taxpayers with a central point of contact for their taxation accounts.

TORONTO (August 04, 2009) – he State of Nevada announced this week that Telax Hosted Call Center had secured a 24-month contract to provide cloud-based call center tools for a new helpdesk initiative scheduled to launch by November 1, 2009. The contract, which includes hosted IVR/ACD, disaster recovery, call recording and customized reporting among other services, will grow to double its size in its second year.

Vincent Cherpesky, Deputy Executive Director of the Administrative Services & Fiscal Division of the Department, first contacted Telax in March of 2008 through Buyer Zone, a procurement site. A number of other companies competed for the bid. The Department of Taxation confirmed that it was the FFP (Firm Fixed Price) model presented by Telax that was the deciding factor when awarding the contract.

The new call center initiative aims to offer taxpayers with an efficient means of contacting the Department and vice versa. The Nevada Department of Taxation hopes to leverage the center to better predict receipt of tax revenues and to improve taxpayer knowledge of laws and processes.

Telax has secured 100% of the American and Canadian government contracts that it has bid on in 2009.

Source: Telax

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