NJ TRANSIT Evolves From Service to Success Through the On-Demand Power of Salesforce Service & Support and the AppExchange Platform

Published on August 1, 2006 in Computer Software, Technology


Leading on-demand CRM capabilities plus breakthrough meta-customization technology enables public transportation organization to double service efficiency while increasing customer satisfaction

SAN FRANCISCO (August 01, 2006) – Salesforce.com (NYSE: CRM), the market and technology leader in on-demand business services, today highlighted NJ TRANSIT’s unique Salesforce Service and Support implementation which was customized using salesforce.com’s AppExchange. With this on-demand service NJ TRANSIT, New Jersey’s public transportation organization, has increased customer response time, improved customer satisfaction and delivered faster, more accurate reporting on its customer service operations. The integration of multiple customer contact points helps NJ TRANSIT provide more timely and consistent customer service. Customers can be confident their voices are heard and that their feedback is shared across the entire organization quickly and effectively.

AppExchange has allowed NJ TRANSIT to significantly extend the value of its Salesforce Service & Support deployment by allowing it to capture and quickly respond to the 3,500 customer inquiries it receives monthly via phone, email, Web and letter, as well as comments and questions from customers in field offices. In addition, AppExchange and Salesforce Service & Support unite all of NJ TRANSIT’s on-demand applications with a single data model, single security model and a single user interface, enabling NJ TRANSIT employees to customize, build, run and share on-demand applications across their entire organization.

NJ TRANSIT is one of the 22,700 companies of all sizes, industries and geographies that comprised the salesforce.com customer base as of April 30, 2006. Revenue and subscribers will be recognized as the service is delivered.

“Our Salesforce Service & Support implementation gives us a complete picture of customer concerns and lets us share these issues across our organization in real time,” said Dennis Martin, Senior Director, Customer Service and Transit Information, NJ TRANSIT. “The history tracking feature allows us to monitor the status of responses from our internal operating units. The system overall has significantly improved the flow of information in customer service, so that we’ve processed twice as many cases as before, without increasing staff.”

NJ TRANSIT has used the unique meta-customization technology in AppExchange Builder to build custom tabs within Salesforce Service & Support including:

* Contacts — used to capture information from customers automatically from a simple Web form on the company’s Web site; for customer calls, walk-ins and letters, customer service agents can quickly create a case as well as find information to help resolve the issue
* Issues — groups types of complaints and captures multiple issues within a case; enables NJ TRANSIT to manage service performance analysis and support on repeat issues
* Operations Responses — used for internal management of cases that span multiple operations, such as bus and rail; provides increased understanding of how issues within one operation can impact another
* Specials — allows managers to request an anonymous investigation based on a case; they need only perform a single click within the Specials tab to share the case data and instigate the investigation
* HR Employee — allows Customer Service to import existing data on the organization’s 12,000 employees directly linking them to cases for quicker follow up and response.

“Service organizations are tired of the cost, complexity, and dead-end customization of the last generation of on-premise technologies,” said George Hu, Senior Vice-President, CRM Applications, salesforce.com. “We’re excited to see NJ TRANSIT join the thousands of organizations that have experienced success with Salesforce Service & Support and discovered that the future of service is built on the meta-customization and automatic upgrades that are unique to a multi-tenant on-demand platform.”

Source: Salesforce

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