RightNow August ’09 Boasts New Graphical Workflow Design Capabilities and Analytics for Cloud Monitor

Published on August 24, 2009 in Computer Software, Technology


Dynamic Agent Desktop Now Includes Graphical, Drag and Drop Designer to Define Workflows and Guide Agents through Complex Customer Interactions

Bozeman, Mont (August 24, 2009) – RightNow (NASDAQ: RNOW) August ’09 helps contact center agents deliver great customer experiences; features include new graphical desktop workflow capabilities and new analytics for Cloud Monitor.
New Graphical Workflow Capabilities Added to Dynamic Agent Desktop

The new graphical desktop workflow capability within the dynamic agent desktop steps an agent through a business process and automates tasks behind the scenes; this new capability extends the dramatic increases in agent productivity, and decreased agent training costs associated with high agent turnover our customers are currently achieving with the Dynamic Agent Desktop.

The RightNow dynamic agent desktop includes:

* Desktop workflow, new with RightNow August ’09, a graphical, easy-to-use business process designer that guides agents across multiple workspaces and processes throughout a single customer interaction.
o Drag and drop design functionality allows managers to quickly create new business process flows.
o Linking multiple scripts and workflows together guides agents through complex customer interactions.
o Automated tasks in the background, such as updating contacts and incidents, helps keep interactions efficient.

To see a demo of the new RightNow desktop workflow capabilities, click here.

* Desktop add-in framework improves agent efficiency and effectiveness by integrating outside systems and processes directly into the RightNow agent desktop.
* Agent scripting walks agents through a call script to ensure consistent handling of customer interactions.
* Guided assistance shortens resolution times and improves first contact resolution rates by guiding the agent to the right answer–the first time.
* Contextual workspaces give agents the right tools at the right time in the context of the customer interaction.

Comments on RightNow’s Dynamic Agent Desktop

“With RightNow, our agents are able to get the right information at the right time during the support process. The RightNow agent desktop, along with guided assistance, helps to reduce call times and improves customer satisfaction.”
Claudia Lowman, general manager of customer support, Real Networks

To learn more about how Real Networks is using RightNow, click here.

“Great companies can’t leave agent-assisted customer experiences to chance. RightNow’s dynamic agent desktop empowers frontline employees to work smarter and engage with customers proactively, with timely, relevant and personalized information that drives better customer interactions.”
David Vap, vice president, products, RightNow

RightNow Cloud Monitor Analyzes Trends, Emotions and Click-Throughs

Released in May, the RightNow Cloud Monitor tracks external conversations about products, services and brands, as they occur on the social Web. Now, with RightNow August ’09, companies can add the following to their social media monitoring processes.

* Key Contributors allows companies to automatically identify social influencers on Twitter, those with frequent tweets and a broad base of followers. The key contributors feature helps companies identify advocates, as well as detractors
* SmartSense Trend provides insight into how customers feel about a company, brand or product. SmartSense Trend lets organizations look at comments on Twitter and sort by emotion, search term and time.
* Cloud Links Analytics offers deep analysis of Cloud Links, the links to social network sites (like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Flickr) that can be included in personalized surveys and outbound emails. With Cloud Links Analytics, organizations can see the number of click-throughs and unique views for each individual link.

“We actively maintain a presence on social networks like Twitter and YouTube. RightNow Cloud Monitor is an exciting new capability that makes it easier for us to ‘watch the clouds’ while enabling us to proactively respond to posts related to our business leveraging existing customer service staff.”
George Sternecker, customer care systems manager, myFICO

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