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Published on February 5, 2007 in Computer Software, Technology


First SaaS provider to offer integrated voice applications with enterprise customer service, marketing and sales solutions

Bozeman, Mont (February 05, 2007) – RightNow┬« Technologies (NASDAQ: RNOW) today announced three new voice solutions: Web Click-To-Call Back, Voice Caller Information Delivery and Voice Outbound Survey. These voice-driven applications help organizations deliver superior customer experiences – while significantly reducing operating costs – by quickly providing customers with a wide range of content and self-service options.

With RightNow’s Web Click-To-Call Back solution, customers visiting a company’s web site can request that a representative contact them by phone, provide a call back number, request specific times for calls, submit questions and describe problems. Customers are automatically informed of when to expect a call, which is most often immediately. The solution forwards customer information to the appropriate contact center agent, who can then prepare to address customers’ needs before phoning them. Giving customers the option to request a call back enables organizations to deliver a level of personalized service not typically available through a web site.

With RightNow’s Voice Caller Information Delivery solution, customers using voice-automated self-service can opt to speak with a contact center agent, who is immediately provided with all of the information the customer has previously shared, eliminating the need for customers to repeat themselves. According to the recent Customer Experience Impact Report┬╣, 35 percent of those surveyed expressed frustration at having to repeat information they have already provided. RightNow’s Voice Caller Information Delivery eliminates this source of aggravation and helps companies deliver exceptional customer experiences by providing immediate assistance and ensuring that agents have all relevant customer information.

RightNow’s Voice Outbound Survey Solution enables companies to create questionnaires and automatically call customers to solicit feedback about recent interactions, such as service visits or support calls. The solution can be customized to support any type of survey. It can also trigger actions, such as a callback if a customer wants to make a purchase or needs help resolving a problem. By quickly responding to customers, companies can optimize selling opportunities and minimize customer dissatisfaction.

“Customers today expect their interactions with a company to be fast, convenient and easy,” said Greg Gianforte, CEO of RightNow. “To meet consumer’s high expectations, companies need to engage with their customers when and where the customers want. The telephone is a critical channel that helps companies connect with customers. By delivering voice applications that enhance the total customer experience–and that fit seamlessly into the enterprise CRM environment–RightNow is setting a new standard for the voice market.”

These new applications are available under RightNow’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery model, which allows companies to implement them quickly, without having to make extensive investments in computing or telephony infrastructure.
About RightNow Voice

RightNow Voice solutions drive superior customer experiences and reduce service costs by providing sophisticated self-service, routing and contact management capabilities over the phone. As part of the RightNow suite of customer-facing solutions, RightNow Voice allows companies to empower customers with phone self-service capabilities.

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