RightNow Helps Sony Online Entertainment Provide Exceptional Gaming Experience with In-Game Support

Published on October 15, 2007 in Computer Software, Technology


Leading Gaming Company Supports Customers Worldwide in French, German, Japanese, and Russian

Bozeman, Mont (October 15, 2007) – RightNow┬« Technologies (NASDAQ: RNOW) today announced that worldwide gaming leader Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE) is using the company’s on demand customer relationship management (CRM) solutions to handle global customer support issues across its web self-service, email, chat and call center channels. RightNow helps SOE provide customers worldwide with consistently accurate information regardless of how they contact the company. Additionally, RightNow’s solution has helped SOE support a diversified customer base and expanding product line, while minimizing contact center costs.

RightNow provides SOE with a complete global view of customer activities. With interfaces in French, German, Japanese, and Russian, SOE delivers consistent and relevant knowledge to customers, regardless of location or time zone. The solution also provides SOE customer service personnel worldwide full visibility into all of the customer data captured in a central knowledge foundation. This information allows them to conveniently and effectively answer questions and resolve issues.

SOE has also integrated RightNow with its custom in-game support tools, allowing gamers to ask questions from within active gaming sessions. The RightNow technology automatically captures a variety of information about the gamer, including character’s attributes and location, so SOE staff can efficiently answer incoming questions without interrupting the player’s gaming experience. In fact, SOE is now able to respond to in-game help requests 40% faster since implementing RightNow.

“The online gaming market by its very nature requires us to be much more highly engaged with our online customers than is needed for the typical offline game customer,” says Brad Wilcox, SOE executive director of global customer service. “RightNow enables us to cost-efficiently deliver the premium-quality customer experience that differentiates our brand.”

SOE takes advantage of RightNow’s powerful analytics technology, which enables the company to quickly ascertain the current top support issues and cost effectively drive smarter, more market-driven development decisions.

“As a customer service manager, it’s great to be able to present our game development teams with the hard numbers they need to make the best possible business decision,” explains Wilcox. “Our customers and our company both win when we are acting on real information, instead of just anecdotal feedback.”

Source: RightNow

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