Salesforce Winter ’07, 21st Generation CRM Release, Now Live to 27,100 Customers and 556,000 Subscribers Globally

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Extends’s position as the leader in on-demand applications

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (January 16, 2007) – [NYSE: CRM], the market and technology leader in on-demand business services, today announced that Salesforce Winter ’07 is live to all 27,100 customers and 556,000 subscribers – another milestone for the award-winning CRM suite. Salesforce Winter ’07 marks the 21st generation of’s suite of industry leading on-demand CRM applications, and with hundreds of new CRM features and enhancements, it is the largest release in’s history. The Winter ’07 release also marks the introduction of Apex, the world’s first on-demand platform and programming language, which provides customers with a dynamic user experience, tailored business processes and unlimited customization and integration.

“Winter ’07, the 21st generation release of Salesforce, delivers hundreds of enhancements across our entire CRM suite, making The Business Web a reality for our 27,100 customers,” said Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO of “With our very first Salesforce release, we looked to consumer Web companies like Amazon as our inspiration for usability. With the release of Salesforce Winter ’07, which utilizes Apex, we are continuing to bring the best of the consumer Web to our customers, delivering unprecedented customization and business processes capabilities and a rich user experience.”

The multi-tenant model enabled Winter ’07 to be delivered to all customers in a seamless upgrade that keeps the integrity of all pre-existing customizations and integrations. Like its predecessors, Winter ’07 was built from the feedback of customers, including comments made on’s IdeaExchange, an online community of Salesforce users (

Winter ’07: Clear Leadership in CRM Applications

Salesforce SFA: Most popular on-demand SFA service

Salesforce Console – Built using AJAX, the Salesforce Console enables users to create a completely custom desktop and see more information in a single view. Since information is grouped in multiple windows, user productivity is increased because of the single-click access to all the information that the user needs. With the Salesforce Console, users can now complete transactions and processes with fewer clicks and greater convenience.

Enhanced activity management – Taking a cue from the Salesforce Console, the AJAX calendar enables users to quickly and efficiently access records through the use of hovers. The AJAX calendar also includes pop-up reminders, the most requested feature from customers. Finally, users can now share calendars and easily collaborate with team members.

Client lifecycle management (B2C) – Winter ’07 also introduces “person accounts,” which are records that are meant to manage relationships with individual clients who are not part of a corporate entity. “Person Accounts” allow Salesforce customers to apply the same rich contact management capabilities such as mass emails, campaigns and lead conversion to individual clients.

Enhanced territory management – Territory management, with the release of Winter ’07, now allows Salesforce users to create, manage, and report on more complex sales organizations and territory structures. Accounts can now be assigned to individuals based on pre-determined territory rules.

Salesforce Service & Support: Democratizing call centers for companies of all sizes

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) – One of the most significant features of Winter ’07 is the introduction of Call Center Edition. With sixteen CTI integration partners, call center agents can directly integrate their telephone network into Salesforce Service & Support and access it entirely through the familiar, browser-based Salesforce interface. With the combined power of CTI and the new Salesforce Console, delivers unlimited productivity to call centers.

Integrated softphone – Salesforce Call Center Edition includes a fully integrated softphone into the user interface, with screen pop-ups to help call center agents improve their productivity and service levels.

Multi-lingual solutions – Salesforce Service & Support now allows the solution knowledge base feature to be managed across all 14 languages supported by Now agents in different countries can collaborate across multiple languages and ensure that translated solutions are up to date.

Salesforce PRM: Complete visibility across direct and indirect channels

Custom channel processes and branding – Winter ’07 now gives customers greater flexibility in tailoring channel business processes as well as increasing collaboration with partners through enhanced branding of partner communications.

Channel collaboration – Now Salesforce PRM customers can share any application, component or object with their partners, enabling the seamless dissemination of vital business information like opportunities and marketing activities through a variety of portals and channels.

Enhanced partner management and performance reporting – When combined with Salesforce SFA, the Winter ’07 release of Salesforce PRM delivers unparalleled visibility into a customer’s entire sales pipeline for both direct and indirect channels. Winter ’07 automates and streamlines the process of registering, on-boarding, activating, and servicing partners, which makes life easier for a channel manager or partner administrator. Finally, Salesforce PRM now enables users to measure and reward top partners, which increases the effectiveness of partner programs.

Salesforce Marketing: Salesforce for Google Adwords takes customers from Keyword to Close by running search marketing right in Salesforce

Create and manage Google Ads from Salesforce – Since it was introduced, Salesforce for Google AdWords has been one of the most popular applications on the AppExchange. With the release of Winter ’07, Salesforce for Google AdWords allows customers to create Google ads directly within Salesforce and manage the campaign from keyword to close.

Clicks to Leads – Salesforce Marketing enables customers to quickly and clearly correlate search marketing spend with inbound leads.

Search marketing ROI tracking -Salesforce Marketing now allows customers to determine the true ROI for their search marketing campaigns with in-depth metrics that covers everything from keyword selection to closed deal.

Winter ’07: Built on the New Apex Platform

Delivering Unlimited Customization and Integration

The Apex on-demand platform delivers virtually unlimited customization capabilities, giving customers unprecedented freedom to customize Salesforce or build entirely new applications beyond CRM. Included in the Winter ’07 release is unlimited freedom to customize all aspects of the user interface, the data model and business logic.

Customers can customize all aspects of the UI including field labels, tabs and layouts for both standard Salesforce and custom pages, and embed external UIs to create mash-ups. Winter ’07 delivers a more flexible on-demand database, including features like hierarchical relationships, smart defaulting, new formula fields and more powerful custom objects. The workflow engine has been significantly enhanced to allow for greater collaboration among users and more efficient process automation.

The Apex Web services API is one of the world’s most widely used enterprise Web services, handling more than fifty percent of’s 3.7 billion services transactions in the company’s Q307. With Winter ’07, the Apex API takes a significant leap forward with deeper functionality, real-time outbound messaging and enhancements to improve performance and developer productivity.

New to the Apex on-demand platform is Apex Code, the world’s first on-demand programming language. Apex Code extends the powerful and proven success of the Apex platform by introducing the ability to write code that runs on servers. This language makes possible the development of a new class of applications and features, beyond CRM, deployed entirely on demand. (For more information please see separate release today at

Extending Usability Leadership

The Winter ’07 release brings the best of the consumer Web to business applications with the rich features of Web 2.0. One of the most striking features is the user interface (UI), which has been enhanced with AJAX and other Web 2.0 technologies. The enhanced UI enables users to complete transactions and processes faster and with greater convenience with the help of hover lists, pop-up reminders, collapsible side bars and other features.

In addition, the Apex platform and the Apex Web service API enables enterprise level mash-ups, a trademark of Web 2.0, to be embedded directly into Salesforce – instead of being launched in a separate window. Winter ’07 also allows users to incorporate Salesforce dashboards with third party analytics directly into the application, including highly interactive visualizations of customer data and the ability to link dashboards together.

Tailored Business Processes – Customize Business Logic for Specific Needs

With Winter ’07, customers can now create powerful business logic and workflows for their unique needs and demands throughout all of’s applications. Customers can create multi-step workflows and approvals to automate processes, define sophisticated data validation rules to enforce business policies and leverage built-in history tracking for audit and compliance. In addition, the data validation and default values feature allows the integrity of customer data to be maintained.

“We have been able to achieve a unique, 360 degree view of our customers with Salesforce SFA and Salesforce Service & Support, which is essential given that much of our revenue is based on repeat business,” said Chip Vanek, director of corporate and CRM applications, Magma Design Automation. “With the Winter ’07 release, we are especially excited about the tailored business processes that will be available, including enhanced workflow, approval processes, data validation and default values. We believe that these enhanced capabilities will help us further streamline our business, increase our productivity levels and better serve our customers.”

Apex and the AppExchange

Apex is the on-demand platform for the next generation of business applications. Apex reinvents traditional customization and integration and enables a whole new generation of on-demand applications that go beyond CRM. All Apex components and applications can be easily shared, exchanged and installed with a few simple clicks via’s AppExchange directory, enabling all the innovation that Apex unleashes to benefit the entire on-demand community.

More than 500 applications are now available on’s AppExchange, the world’s first on-demand application directory, found at

The Apex on-demand platform is generally available today. The Apex programming language is available today for developer preview, and is currently scheduled to be available in beta to customers later in 2007.

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