TouchStar Releases New Virtual Call Center Product

Published on February 23, 2011 in Computer Software, Technology


Businesses Reduce Costs and Gain Management Tools for Outbound and Inbound Call Activity

Denver, Colorado (February 23, 2011) – Today, TouchStar announces the release of the TouchStar Virtual Call Center system, to help businesses maximize productivity while reducing overall costs.

TouchStar’s Virtual Call Center (VCC) system is a VoIP enabled phone system capable of serving multiple offices anywhere in the world as well as at-home workers. Virtual Call Center also includes advanced call center software functionality that any business can benefit from, such as automated outbound dialing for sales productivity, advanced ACD and IVR, recording, monitoring, real time call activity analysis, scripting, regulatory compliance management, and many more features.

Many businesses are upgrading their phone systems to support VoIP or a traditional line connection to reduce costs incurred from long distance, moves, adds, changes, and network infrastructure costs. Businesses can now choose a complete VoIP phone system that also improves productivity and customer service in one, easy to use system.

Virtual Call Center has been recognized as a beneficial “green technology” solution because businesses can support at-home workers. With high energy costs and the threat of global warming, business leaders are turning towards green technology to reduce the negative environmental impact of travel.

Steve Bederman, TouchStar’s CEO, commented: “Virtual Call Center allows our clients to have their headquarters and their workers located anywhere in the world, while calling anywhere in the world. We have been using Virtual Call Center at TouchStar for over a year; we were the first beta site. Our cost savings have been huge and our customers have benefited by having all our worldwide offices on a single system.”

Virtual Call Center is a cost effective solution to purchase and to support. Pricing is based on company size and support needs. TouchStar will be releasing another application in 2007 that will further increase the value and functionality of Virtual Call Center. Contact TouchStar for a product brochure and pricing.

Source: TouchStar

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