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Maidenhead, U.K (July 01, 2009) – Ubisoft is broadening the availability of the customer care it provides to gamers by adding a new customer support channel. Keen to provide round-the-clock, multi-channel support to meet their gamers’ interaction preferences, working with RightNow (NASDAQ: RNOW) Ubisoft is opening up a new channel through which gamers can search a knowledge repository via the phone to quickly find answers to their questions while experiencing uninterrupted gaming.

Available at any time of the night and day, Ubisoft’s new voice self-service channel complements its existing RightNow deployments that include web self-service and email management, and builds on its existing strategy of providing gamers with excellent 24x7x365 customer care. Due to go fully live this June, a recent trial of the new support channel resulted in 64 percent of gamers finding the support they required without the need for agent assistance.

Commenting on its latest advancement in providing the best customer care possible, Jacqui Lennon, head of consumer advice and technical support services at Ubisoft, said:

“At Ubisoft we have a mission to excite, educate and engage our customers via unique breakthrough and innovative campaigns. This applies, not just to the games we create, but also to how we take care of our customers. By constantly focusing on how to broaden the availability of the support we provide, our goal is to deliver gamers with an exceptional support structure that ensures continuity and consistency of care across all gaming platforms, including online, multi-player support services.”

The interactive voice response (IVR) software interacts with gamers using prompts and speech recognition technology to gather information from the caller that is used to search for and present the relevant knowledge items. RightNow Voice(TM) is an ideal support channel to serve the evening and weekend game-playing trend.

The voice self-service channel will also help speed up the time it takes to resolve technical support enquiries by ensuring callers are briefed and well prepared with the required information before speaking to an agent. The IVR system will advise the caller where to locate the relevant information, and callers will be provided with a unique reference number in case they need to follow up the call at any time on the telephone or on-line. The majority of calls into the Ubisoft contact centre are pc troubleshooting enquiries rather than in game related queries therefore it’s a key requirement that the caller has the specific Dxdiagnostic information available to ensure the agent is able to offer an effective troubleshooting consumer service.

When launching a voice self-service channel, it’s imperative to ensure that guidance provided to callers is consistent with other customer care channels and as comprehensive as possible so callers are encouraged to use the support channel again. RightNow worked with Ubisoft to ensure that every question a gamer might pose was included in its voice system in order that it could always correctly direct customer queries.

Ubisoft is also able to record and re-record voice settings as required, enabling it to prepare for events such as the launch of a new game. The system also enables Ubisoft to monitor and analyse the caller’s journey to identify enquiry ‘spikes’ that may require updated or new knowledge items to be added to the system. Constant monitoring and improvement to the knowledge provided helps keep repetitive calls and emails to agents at a minimum so they are available to handle more complex gamer enquiries.

“It is very clear that Ubisoft is committed to its customers. With RightNow, Ubisoft will enable customers to get information when they need it, providing a positive customer experience and, as a result, help it build strong relationships with its keen gamers.” Joe Brown, General Manager, EMEA.

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