UCN Signs Agreement with Natural Gas Energy Company

Published on December 11, 2008 in Computer Software, Technology


Salt Lake City (December 11, 2008) – UCN, Inc. (NASDAQ: UCNN), the market leader in on-demand contact center software, has signed an agreement for inContact┬« Echo┬« with a rapidly-growing energy services company. The new customer has hundreds of agents at multiple contact center sites.

Previously the company tracked customer satisfaction levels by having the agent ask direct questions during the call. The company found they could save $200,000 annually with inContact Echo. This solution will capture customer feedback automatically after the agent moves on to the next call, allowing the company to measure the customer experience while reducing average talk time.

The customer also chose inContact Echo to measure brand perception and improve service recovery. By listening to the voice of their customers immediately after each contact experience, the company expects an improvement in agent productivity and customer service levels.

“Echo’s unique ability to package and deliver the customer’s feedback directly to the agent and their manager empowers the agent to modify their service levels in near real-time. Echo also reduces the coaching required by the manager,” said Rudy Vidal, chief customer officer for UCN. “In this economy, we see companies focusing on customer satisfaction as a tool to give them a competitive advantage, and inContact Echo continues to enable our customers to achieve higher customer satisfaction levels while simultaneously reducing costs.”

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