Victoria University of Wellington Increases Out-of-Country Conversion Rates Using RightNow Marketing

Published on August 8, 2006 in Computer Software, Technology


New Zealand based University uses RightNow to buck the trend in a declining education market

Bozeman, Mont (August 08, 2006) – RightNow┬« Technologies (NASDAQ: RNOW), today announced that New Zealand’s Victoria University has increased its overseas enrolments, despite a general decline in the number of international students in New Zealand, since implementing RightNow’s on demand marketing solutions. Victoria University has seen a significant increase in conversion rates for particular Asia Pacific regions where conversion rates had previously been low. The school has also used RightNow to increase enrollment in its post-graduate programs.

Traditional advertising mechanisms are not practical for reaching a highly diverse range of prospects across multiple countries and continents. In addition, the information the University has to provide prospects during the course of their enrollment decisions is too rich and complex for conventional media. Using RightNow, however, both the University and its overseas contractor-partners can maintain an ongoing, content-rich “conversation” with prospects across multiple communication channels–significantly increasing the likelihood that anyone considering Victoria University will ultimately choose it.

RightNow automates the delivery of highly targeted information to all prospects based on their individual interests and attributes. Thus, for example, a prospective undergraduate science student from India making an initial inquiry receives very different information from a prospective post-graduate business student from Denmark who has to make a final decision within two weeks.

RightNow also gives the University complete flexibility to mix-and-match content to create highly individualized messages that touch on each prospect’s likely concerns. A message may therefore combine information about curriculum, housing and financial aid if the RightNow database indicates that those issues could all impact the prospect’s decision.

In addition to providing insight into individual prospects, RightNow has helped the University better understand the differences between the various geographic markets it serves. Students from certain countries, for example, may be more concerned about housing and student life–while others may be more focused on post-graduation employment opportunities. By providing visibility into these market characteristics, RightNow is enabling the University to deliver a higher-quality student experience from first touch through enrollment, thereby enhancing conversion rates by as much as 40 percent and strengthening the University’s post-graduate admissions efforts.

“RightNow CRM provides Victoria University with the advanced emarketing and contact center capabilities we need to create a superior experience for our prospects around the world, while allowing us to avoid the significant overhead associated with ownership of complex business applications,” Charles Brooks, Victoria University’s emarketing coordinator, said. “Our engagement with RightNow is delivering very high return-on-investment and helping us achieve strategic institutional goals that are critical to our long-term success in an increasingly competitive global market.”

RightNow is being widely deployed by universities and colleges around the world to communicate more effectively with students, prospects, alumni, and other critical constituencies via both traditional and Internet channels.

“In the globally competitive world of higher education, effective multi-channel communication is essential for attracting, retaining and serving a high-quality student body,” Alison Higgins-Miller, RightNow’s vice president Asia-Pacific, said. “RightNow’s advanced knowledge foundation and proven ability to automate content-rich, multi-channel conversations make it an extremely powerful solution for public and private institutions seeking to excel in this communication-intensive market environment.”

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