Aizan Review

Aizan Review

A privately held Canadian company based in Richmond Hill, Aizan was founded in 1999. They provide a variety of communication applications and services through their Aizan Voice Assurance Suite of hosted products. They specialize in both inbound and outbound communications. Their hosted solutions interface with existing in-house technology, making new features available without expensive unnecessary infrastructure upgrades and system integration costs.

Aizan has partnerships with major telecommunications firms and backing from one of Canada’s largest venture capital funds.

What Aizan Does

Aizan offers a variety of communications solutions suitable for a wide range of vertical markets including contact centers, government, education, fundraising, financial services, emergency services, retail, travel agencies, manufacturing, utilities and others. Their cloud based platform includes virtual switch-boarding, broadcast messaging, information line automation, voice traffic management, contact center management, and a fax manager. Aizan focuses on business continuity, with redundant telecom providers, a triple backup system, and independence from site telecom infrastructure. Aizan also espouses the benefits of its voice solution to boost customer service and provide a marketing advantage.

Satisfied Customers

Ornge, VitalAire, BC BioMedical, World Vision Canada, CBC Canada’s Hockeyville

Call Center Product(s)

  • Voice Assurance Suite

Call Center Software Key Features

  • Virtual Contact Center – Automatically answers and distributes calls, balancing call volume between local and remote agents. VCC also intelligently manages the caller queue
  • Automated Virtual Attendant – Automatically answers and directs calls to the right contact using voice prompts
  • Call Allocator – Provides real time inbound call load balancing across multiple locations
  • Enhanced Messaging Application – Allows you to broadcast interactive voice messages to your contacts, customers, or others.
  • INFOLINE – Allows businesses to present messages like status updates or information through a custom INFOLINE number provided to potential callers, with capacity to handle hundreds of thousands of callers per hour
  • Keep-Originator-On-Line – A predictive dialer solution that manages calling activities and displays called party information to agents with no connection lag
  • Virtual Fax Manager – A digital solution to managing incoming faxes, digitizing them, and delivering through email

Call Center Software Modules

  • Virtual contact center (ACD + IVR)
  • Automated virtual attendant
  • Call allocator
  • Enhanced messaging application
  • Keep-originator-on-line
  • Virtual fax manager

Call Center Technology

Aizan’s Voice Assurance Suite delivers a scalable hosted solution that is protected with redundant telecom connections, triple backups, and service independence from local infrastructure. Their software-as-a-service platform is located in a North American telecommunications hub with partnerships with several major telecom providers. Aizan’s on-demand services scale with growing capacity needs, allowing businesses to deal with growth.

Bottom Line

Aizan’s Voice Assurance Suite delivers call management capabilities for inbound and outbound contact centers. In addition, they have experience working with a wide range of industries. Their data and systems architecture ensures maximum business uptime through redundant telecom providers, backups, and service independence.

Over 350 clients across North America use Aizan solutions. The company manages over 150,000,000 calls and messages a year. Aizan’s pay as you go pricing model ensures clients only pay for what they use. Businesses can also use existing equipment, eliminating unnecessary upgrade or infrastructure costs.