As a subsidiary of Microstrategy, a leader in business intelligence software and a respected global corporation, is well-funded, but at the same time small enough to provide individual customer attention. The company continues to demonstrate its market and technological leadership as an industry and technology pioneer with more than 20 product patents.

What does is a leading provider of on-demand IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and call center solutions. The company provides inbound and outbound IVR services, automated call distribution, and complete reporting that empowers its customers, drives high-quality applications, delivers customer satisfaction, and generates measurable results of call center activities.’s call center solution is flexible, customers can easily update or change their application at the touch of a mouse, in near real-time. Plus, the company’s software platform scales to customer needs, supporting multiple applications, usage demands, and multi-site requirements. ensures robust end-to-end security at all levels with redundancy built into each layer of architecture.

Satisfied Customers

Raytheon, Kellogg’s, Reebok, Borland, Family Dollar, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Lyris, KB Toys, International Republican Institute, Healthways.

Call Center Product(s)

  • Virtual Call Center ‘08

Call Center Software Key Features

  • solutions empower organizations of all kinds to maximize the efficiency and quality of their Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and call center applications. Leveraging the innovative platform, customers realize enhanced speed-to-market, tangible ROI, and are able to easily adapt their IVR or call center applications to changing business or customer needs — in near real-time.
  • The solution suite delivers value to organizations of all sizes to help them efficiently address a range of business problems through the power of voice. As a fully hosted solution, simplifies and maximizes voice application design and management.
  • No investment in hardware, software, or human resources is required to leverage the powerful benefits of the solution suite. Organizations realize immediate and long term ROI as well as quickly and easily deploy voice applications that meet their unique business and customer needs.

Call Center Software Modules

  • Agent Monitor
  • Supervisor Monitor
  • Smart IVR
  • Advanced ACD functionality
  • Queue Activity Reporting

Call Center Technology applications are built, deployed, and managed entirely through a web browser, requiring no additional investment in hardware, software or human resources. And because applications require no additional resources, solutions are deployed in days, not weeks – at prices low enough to generate immediate ROI. The company delivers a state-of-the-art on-demand, Software as a Service (SaaS) platform.

Bottom Line

Over 1,600 customers in more than 20 industries use to more effectively and affordably manage their IVR and call center applications.’s unique approach to product design, service, and support enables its customers to deliver the highest quality applications and deployments. The company’s web-based interface and hosted architecture eases application design and deployment, enabling users to focus on more strategic and higher value activities.