Axonom Review

Axonom Review

Axonom is a provider of Customer Relationship Management and Partner Relationship Management software enhancements for Microsoft Dynamics CRM headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Axonom focuses its solutions for the high tech and light manufacturing industries.

Their products provide companies with Microsoft-centric technology software solutions to streamline processes and optimize their relationships. Their main product, Powertrak, has multiple modules which include Forecasting, Customer/Partner Portals, Contact Center, Product Configurator, Time and Billing, Mobile, and Service Manager. Axonom is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

What Axonom Does

Axonom maintains a full suite of products to support high tech and light manufacturing companies. They offer the Powertrak Contact Center software module for call center management. The Contact Center module integrates fully with Microsoft Dynamics CRM software and the rest of the Powertrak modules to support organizational effectiveness. The Contact Center software supports efficient contact interactions, contains a simple user interface, consolidates account information, and streamlines follow-up communications.

Satisfied Customers

Nexsan Technologies, Ramtron International, VisionShare, Roland DGA, Convergent Solutions Group, Compellent Technologies

Call Center Product(s)

  • Powertrak Contact Center

Call Center Software Key Features

  • Rules driven branched dynamic scripting – Simple visual building for call/service script creation and accurate rules-driven scripts to give consistent messages and manage service flows. Tag questions, store answers, see customer profiles, and access call notes
  • Effectiveness tracking – Reports, analytics, and cross-correlations help you see what scripts work and why
  • Cloud based – Easily deployable to users located anywhere
  • Real time productivity tracking – Track activity and details in real time
  • Lead qualification, scoring, and routing – Qualify and score sales leads using results from dynamic scripts, then route them for follow up
  • CTI ready – Ready to be connected to any CTI interface
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Powertrak CRM integration – Full integration with Microsft Dynamics CRM software and other Powertrak software modules to support workflow routing

Call Center Software Modules

  • Visual script builder
  • Rules-driven branched dynamic scripting
  • Metrics, reports, and analysis
  • CTI
  • Sales lead qualifcation, scoring, and routing
  • Activity tracking
  • Audit trails

Call Center Technology

The software is browser based, thus it is easily deployable. The call guide script builder uses a simple visual flowchart interface to build scripts. Their call center software is completely integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the other Powertrak modules, optimizing information flow. Powertrak can be deployed on demand or on premise.

Bottom Line

Axonom’s Powertrak Contact Center software module helps businesses to qualify leads, run campaigns, close sales, and handle support/service requests. One of the key strengths is the rules-driven dynamic scripting and scoring capabilities. In addition, the software works seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the other Powertrak modules.

Axonom is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, which is the highest level of partnership certification. This demonstrates they have the highest level of expertise and skill working with Microsoft applications. In addition, the Powetrak solution is certified for Microsoft Dynamics CRM2011. Axonom has also achieved Microsoft Dynamics President’s club recognition for six consecutive years. Powertrak has also received the ISM Guide’s Top 15 CRM Software Award. For companies using Microsoft CRM software, Powertrak is a very good fit.