Cicero Review

Cicero’s main focus is on customer interaction management market with emphasis on desktop integration and business process automation with our Cicero XM products. Cicero XM enables businesses to transform human interaction across the enterprise. Cicero XM enables the flow of data between different applications, regardless of the type and source of the application, eliminating redundant entry and costly mistakes. Cicero XM automates up and down-stream process flows, enforcing compliance and optimizing handle time and provides a task-oriented desktop, reducing training time and enabling delivery of best in class service.

What Cicero does

Cicero provides an innovative and unique combination of application and process integration, automation, presentation and real-time analysis, all without changes to the underlying applications or requiring costly development expenditures. Their business integration software addresses the emerging need for companies’ information systems to deliver enterprise-wide views of their business information processes.

Satisfied Customers

Cicero serves enterprise companies, many of whom are large Fortune 500 organizations around the world.

Call Center Product(s)

  • Cicero Integrator
  • Cicero XM

Call Center Software Key Features

  • Intelligence and Reporting- Know what is going on with real time and historical data blended from desktop applications, enterprise systems and telephony; use reporting to drive further efficiencies.
  • Adaptability- Use Cicero XM Enterprise’s centralized control to allow business analysts to quickly change and deploy scripts, call flows, composite forms, applications, etc.
  • User Scorecard- Users can pick and choose what telephony and business application they want to display in a single scorecard to monitor their productivity.
  • Customer Transfer- (Representational State Transfer or REST) Transfer the state of the transaction with the caller to another user without having to start over and repeat questions to the customer allowing the call flow to move forward.
  • United Data Model (UDM)- Loosely couple applications and persist transaction data using the Cicero XM Enterprise UDM to pre-fetch information for a call before a user speaks with the customer, support intelligence and analytics, and add new data elements to existing applications with no external data source.

Call Center Software Modules

  • Prompting
  • Scripting
  • Composites
  • Toolbars
  • Dashboards
  • Soft-phone console
  • Flexible workspace

Call Center Technology

Cicero integrates disparate applications regardless of the platform, enables rapid development of effective, simple-to-maintain composite applications, accelerates time to value and deploys cost-effective, “best-of-breed” business solutions by leveraging existing IT investments. Their customers are using Cicero to integrate legacy applications and data sources including:

Bottom Line

Cicero’s products are worthy for a number of reasons. They will increase profits, reduce operating expenses, increase brand equity and improve customer retention. Cicero’s simple solutions make a big difference. You can request a demo to see if Cicero’s solutions are right for your business.