Concenex Review

Concenex is an integrated call center solution provider. Their robust solutions help businesses increase efficiency, drive revenue and lower total cost of ownership. Since its inception in 1999 Concenex has been providing call center software and services to Fortune 100 and 2500 corporations and small to mid-size enterprises.

What Concenex does

Concenex provides businesses with automated support for customer interactions with their top of the line contact center management systems. Their flagship call center software is Montage 2009, a unified and fully integrated system that facilitates and streamlines customer interaction. Concenex complete platform includes integrated customer relationship management, interactive voice response, automatic call distribution, predictive dialing, call recording, scripting, reporting, speech, speech analytics, email, chat and more.

Satisfied Customers

Apria Healthcare, ABN Amro (Citigroup), State of Florida Department of Health, Blue Vase Marketing

Call Center Product(s)


Call Center Software Key Features

  • Budget shift capex to opex, lower costs, rapid expansion to cover seasonality or other fluctuations
  • Application sophistication and control
  • Consolidated acquisition and support in multi-site environments
  • Richness of reporting data
  • SaaS eliminates complexity, integrations
  • Single vendor advantages in cost, reliability and accountability

Call Center Software Modules

  • Remote Agent
  • Agent Blending
  • Agent Scripting
  • Contact Database
  • Predictive Dialing
  • Preview Dialing
  • Centralized Customer History
  • Unified Message Retrieval
  • External Applications & Data Integration
  • Communication Transfer
  • Intelligent Routing

Call Center Technology

The call center solutions can be delivered as on-demand, hosted or customer premise environments. Call centers are available on the .Net framework and web services are available on Asterisk Platform.

Bottom Line

Concenex applications impact the business and customer contact process in several unique and different ways. Concenex technology helps unify the business-customer relationship history and the various communication methods and as extended to other business units throughout an organization improves data and quality of service.