ConnectFirst Review

ConnectFirst Review

ConnectFirst is a provider of a suite of hosted call center management solutions that was founded in 2005 and is based in Boulder, Colorado. They provide both inbound and outbound call center solutions, voice broadcast services, and emergency services specialized call center software. Their call center management products are, according to the company, better than most premise based call center solutions.

What ConnectFirst Does

ConnectFirst’s platform provides inbound/outbound hosted call center solutions for companies, governments, and nonprofits. They also provide cloud based routing services to distribute calls to multiple contact centers or to IVRs or specialized ACDs. Their inbound platform allows you to have total control over the call flow. Their outbound virtual dialers increase efficiency and support campaign management. Connectfirst also supports call tracking and IVR solutions. The software also contains robust reporting and real time telemetry to manage performance as agents work. In addition, their hosted delivery platform scales to different company sizes. They also tell clients that their engineers can customize the solution according to needs if asked.

Satisfied Customers

ACD Direct, PBS, Synergixx, Answerfone Call Center Services, Perricone MD

Call Center Product(s)

  • ConnectFirst Hosted Call Center
  • ConnectFirst VB
  • ConnectFirst 911

Call Center Software Key Features

  • QueueFlow cloud routing – Cloud based universal queue that routes calls according to distribution rules such as agent skill level or hold time threshold
  • Multichannel interaction distribution – Supports inbound/outbound calls, web chat, and email interactions that can be distributed across the contact center
  • Predictive Dialer Engine – Supports preview, broadcast, and predictive dialing to optimize call flow and minimize wasted agent time
  • Campaign manager – You can set dialing parameters for the hosted dialer for each calling campaign
  • IVR – Interactive Voice Response allows customer self service
  • ConnectFirst Telemetry – Provides real time data on contact center activity and performance through dashboards
  • CDR Reporting Suite – Ad hoc or scheduled delivery of reports. These contain relevant historical data and statistics of call details operations monitoring
  • Call monitoring – Allows managers to listen in on calls for quality assurance
  • Open standard support – Support for SOAP and other open standards, allowing the software to interface with third party applications
  • Webservice APIs – Gives click-to-call capabilities for company websites

Call Center Software Modules

  • QueueFlow cloud routing (ACD)
  • Multichannel interaction distribution
  • Predictive Dialer Engine
  • CTI
  • IVR
  • ConnectFirst Telemetry
  • CDR Reporting Suite
  • Call monitoring
  • Webservice API

Call Center Technology

ConnectFirst’s Hosted Call Center software is a cloud based solution that does not require infrastructure upgrades or other capital costs. Their hosted solution allows multiple contact centers and home worker agents to seamlessly power your call center. The on demand software also scales up as your business grows. Their Hosted Call Center platform contains comprehensive call center functionalities like automatic call distribution, predictive dialers, IVR, and reporting tools.

Bottom Line

ConnectFirst’s Hosted Call Center software delivers complete contact center functionality without the need for large infrastructure upgrades, commitments, and costs. Their cloud based model scales from small businesses to larger businesses. The software allows call centers to distribute traffic immediately to multiple call centers and home based agents. Their middleware integration package makes using existing equipment easy.

ConnectFirst has been providing hosted call center solutions for over ten years. Their team specializes in customizing solutions to fit individual client needs. The ConnectFirst team is composed of experienced engineers, business analysts, and designers that can help businesses maximize the potential of their hosted call center software.