Echopass Review

Echopass Review

Echopass provides VoIP based cloud call and contact center solutions for mid to large sized businesses and government agencies. They were founded in 2000 and are based in Pleasanton, California. Echopass provides enterprise software to serve every contact center need, with the ability to use agents located in multiple contact centers, in remote locations, or at home. The key values delivered to the customer is reliability, responsiveness, and reduction in cost and complexity. They also provide eServices solutions such as email response management, web chat, page push, and email skills based routing. Echopass also offers implementation services, professional services such as project management, 24/7 customer support, maintenance services, and integration services.

What Echopass Does

Echopass’s Contact Center On-Demand provides call and contact center solutions in a software-as-a-service package that includes voice, chat, email, data, and fax. It is a comprehensive contact center solution that supports both inbound and outbound contact centers. The Contact Center On-Demand software delivers multichannel service using a blended agent mix. Their software routes and queues interactions to optimize the customer experience and agent utilization across every contact center location. The software delivers agent tools to make agents more effective and efficient. Contact Center On-Demand also includes management tools to let you easily manage Echopass services and agents.

Satisfied Customers, Dell, American Express, Apple, Genesys, Kodak, Public Storage, VoiceCurve, Coverall, CSC, DNC, Homesite Insurance, Provident Bank, InteliSpend

Call Center Product(s)

  • Echopass Contact Center On-Demand

Call Center Software Key Features

  • Multichannel queuing and routing (ACD) – Allows companies to integrate and manage all interaction channels to create a central contact center. Routes and queues interactions based on dynamic enterprise information.
  • Speech enabled IVR – Allows routine caller requests to be handled automatically through self service speech recognition or touch tone menus.
  • EchoContact – Used on the agent desktop as a software phone controlling multiple interaction channels
  • Computer telephony integration (CTI) – Integrates data from any variety of external databases and attaches data to call records.
  • Remote and home agent support – Agents can use the same software at home as in the contact center. All that’s needed is a software download. All agents, regardless of multiple locations or being at home, can be managed as one virtual call center
  • Work force management – Scheduling tools allow agents to view and manage their schedules through tools such as shift bidding, shift trades, automated shift change approvals within certain pre-defined settings, and more. Supervisor tools allow real time monitoring of adherence, performance, and other metrics.
  • Recording and quality monitoring – Calls can be monitored and recorded. In addition, monitoring analytics is provided through Impact 360 analytics package integration.
  • E-learning – Agents can take courses from their portal view and these can include simulation exercises, samples, soft skill development, certifications, quizzes, and other modules.
  • EchoReports – Reporting solution based on Microsoft Reporting Services platform that allows customers to develop custom reports and queries via a graphical user interface. This module also provides historical reporting for all interaction channels.
  • Real time dashboards – Dashboards provide customized views of real time information for all interaction channels and agents, allowing managers to understand performance at all times.
  • EchoSystem Manager – A single web based dashboard enables managers to administer and provision agents.

Call Center Software Modules

  • ACD
  • IVR
  • EchoContact
  • CTI
  • Remote and home agent support
  • Work force management
  • Recording and quality monitoring
  • E-learning
  • EchoReports
  • Real time dashboards
  • EchoSystem Manager

Call Center Technology

Echopass’s Contact Center On-Demand is delivered as a service, making the software scalable. Businesses pay only for what they use and require minimal infrastructure upgrade costs. Their contact center software delivers all of the expected functionalities like ACD, IVE, CTI, and reports. Echopass uses multiple redundant SAS70 certified datacenters that are protected at every level from physical infrastructure to network, telecommunications, systems, and storage. The Echopass Network Operations Center provides operation support to the Service Integration Platform as well as customer support. Their Multi-Tenant software architecture is a multilayer distributed design where each layer manages specific tasks to maximize performance and security.

Bottom Line

Echopass’s Contact Center On-Demand provides comprehensive call and contact center solutions in a software-as-a-service package that includes voice, chat, email, data, and fax. Their hosted solution supports all outbound and inbound contact center activities for multiple locations and agent types.

Echopass has received the Red Herring Top 100 Companies Award, the North American Hosted Contact Center Customer Service Leadership Award from Frost & Sullivan, the 2010 Frost & Sullivan North American Competitive Strategy Innovation Award, the 2007 TMC Labs Innovation Award, the Partner of the Year Award from Genesys, and numerous other awards.