eGain Review

Hundreds of leading companies and growing mid-sized businesses around the world trust eGain’s multichannel service solutions to drive competitive advantage. Their single yet important vision is to earn their customers’ trust with innovative software products and superb service. They company launched eGain Mail 1.0, the industry’s first 100% web-based customer email management solution, as a hosted offering in 1998. Soon eGain expanded its product offering to include web collaboration and web self-service tools. In 1999, their entire suite was available for in-house or hosted deployment.

What eGain does

EGain provides advanced multichannel customer service solutions across a variety of industries. EGain helps mid-sized businesses get a competitive edge to increase revenue and customer satisfaction. Their award winning software is innovative and advanced.

Satisfied Customers

HSBC, ASOS, Net-A-Porter, Alliance, Prolog, UPC, Vodafone, AT&T Wireless, Virgin Mobile

Call Center Product(s)

eGain Service Suite

Call Center Software Key Features

  • Best-of-breed tools for managing and automating email, web, paper, and phone interactions. These tools can be implemented in a modular fashion, while leveraging the customer interaction hub (CIH) architecture through common business logic, knowledge base, and agent administration capabilities.
  • Platform easily integrates legacy customer data with multichannel service interactions so that agents get a common view of the customer—across service, marketing, billing, and account details.
  • Integrated analytics to track service levels and manage agent performance across phone, email, and web channels.
  • Patented Inferenceâ„¢ reasoning engine combined with workflow modeling to capture and standardize contact center processes so that “every agent can be as good as your best agent.
  • Unique service management platform to provide common infrastructure to multiple interaction channels.

Call Center Software Modules

  • Analytics
  • Knowledge Base
  • Customer Records
  • System Services
  • User Consoles
  • Workflows
  • Business Objects

Call Center Technology

The solutions are built on a 100% web-architected CIH platform. It is offered as a solution-as-a-service (SlaaS). There is also a mobile edition and on-demand edition of the call center software.

Bottom Line

EGain provides advanced call center and customer service solutions to companies around the world, in a wide variety of industries. With a focus on excellence and accessibility, they created eGain call center software to help streamline the way customer interactions take place and improve overall customer satisfaction. And a happy customer is a repeat customer, so eGain enjoys making their customers very happy.