Envision Review

Envision is an innovative contact center solutions company, unique in their passion and approach to helping brand-conscious organizations create, deliver and maintain world-class customer experiences. Envision’s call center software will improve customer service and increase sales. Their award winning solutions help businesses increase performance and empower agents to ensure that the best service possible is delivered. Envision is committed to superior customer service and call center efficiency.

What Envision does

Envision’s call center software solution enables your supervisors to easily review customer interactions, evaluate agent skills and deliver training to improve agent performance and motivate agents to achieve peak performance. Targeted call center training can be sent directly to the agent’s desktop, making it possible to quickly improve performance, reduce ramp-up times and decrease handle times.

Satisfied Customers

Borders Group, Inc., Cellular South, Alaska Air Group, Wachovia Corporation, GmbH

Call Center Product(s)

Envision Call Center Suite

Call Center Software Key Features

  • Common agent portal: Deliver all call center training, coaching and scheduling information to agents in one central location, while providing the ability for agents to respond to supervisors. The common agent portal also offers on-demand recording capabilities for self-evaluation or discussion with supervisors.
  • Right-time coaching: Send coaching content, schedules and other information to call center agents exactly when it is needed.
  • Single agent schedule: Provide a single schedule for all quality monitoring, e-learning and workforce management activities, with automated adjustments as an agent’s skill level changes.
  • Integrated reporting: Take advantage of powerful Web-based reporting software that provides a centralized management tool accessible through a single interface. Reports provide drill down capabilities for root-cause analysis and can be exported to a wide range of formats, including PDF, Excel and HTML

Call Center Software Modules

  • Integrated workforce management, quality monitoring
  • and eLearning
  • A universal agent interface
  • A single agent schedule
  • Centralized reporting
  • Common administration

Call Center Technology

The Envision Performance Suite is delivered in a web based platform, named Envision Centricity. Included is an integrated set of management tools. Envision also offers VoIP based call center software.

Bottom Line

With nearly 2 decades of experience, Envision has become a key player in the call center industry. With a team of knowledgeable, skilled agents, Envision can improve your customers’ experience by maximizing every customer interaction to increase sales and reduce customer churn. Envision’s innovative call center software solutions make it happen.Envision is committed to increasing efficiency and superior service so your business will be satisfied.