Oracle Review

Oracle Contact Center Anywhere is a pre-integrated, multichannel contact center platform that takes communications and routes them to anywhere you want. Oracle’s call center platform includes queuing and routing of traditional phone calls in addition to email, chat, fax, and web callback requests. It also provides blended predictive and preview dialing, interactive voice response (IVR), multichannel reporting, tools for supervisors to manage the call center, and call recording-for a comprehensive, unified solution.

What Oracle does

Oracle Contact Center Anywhere increases agent, supervisor, and administrator productivity by extending the call center beyond the limits of traditional infrastructure. Agents can work efficiently from anywhere in the world with 360-degree views into customer interactions and real-time business intelligence. Supervisors are empowered with instantly customizable screens and real-time tools for monitoring and coaching agents, no matter where they are located. And, administrators can adapt to changing needs with real-time administration tools for implementing moves, adds, and changes.

Satisfied Customers

Corporacion Digitel, HANDS, Vodafone, Cbeyond, Halton Region, Agefiph

Call Center Product(s)

  • Contact Center Anywhere

Call Center Software Key Features

  • CRM Integration—unifies contact center technology and CRM software, thereby delivering a complete customer-to-agent experience
  • Multi-site/Multi-tenancy—deploy centralized contact center technologies on a “single system” infrastructure shared by ALL locations, regardless of geographic location
  • Virtual Call Routing—connect multiple sites and home-based workers with one infrastructure
  • Multimedia Capabilities—automatic call distributor with skills-based routing of all media type
  • Pre-Integrated—eliminate information silos and deliver instant CTI
  • Remote Supervision—monitor and coach agents from any location
  • Web-based—thin-client user interfaces for agents, supervisors, and administrators

Call Center Software Modules

  • Virtual Call Routing
  • Predictive Dialing
  • Call Recording
  • Interactive Voice Response

Call Center Technology

Oracle’s contact center is a multichannel contact center platform. It is pre-integrated. The solution is web based. Managers can monitor and coach agents from any location. Their solutions are very secure.

Bottom Line

Oracle is a trusted and reputable company in the tech industry.  Their breadth of knowledge of the customer service industry is not only noteworthy, but also serves to prove that they are a smart software choice to consider for your service software needs. The call center solutions empower the agents and the customers. Oracle’s contact center solutions are flexible and easy to use.