Right Now Review

RightNow is an on-demand customer experience solutions provider. RightNow is focused on helping consumer-centric organizations deliver great customer experiences. The company was founded in 1997, and is headquartered in Bozeman, Montana. RightNow employs more than 800 people, and serves nearly 2,000 organizations worldwide.

What Right Now does

RightNow CX delivers applications designed to address the three customer experiences that matter most: the social experience, the web experiences, and contact center experience, ensuring seamless multi-channel experiences, regardless of the number or type of interactions initiated. It’s a new approach to new customer experience opportunities.

RightNow contact center experience applications empower both customers and agents to find what they need quickly. Over the phone, customers can find information 24×7 or be routed to an agent, who can answer all of their questions. They can also choose to interact with agents via email or chat. Any customer thread transitions across channels, including the web, will be maintained with RightNow’s contact center applications to ensure a consistent cross-channel customer experience. Agents provide a great customer experience by presenting timely, contextually relevant information based on the interaction at hand.

Satisfied Customers

eHarmony, DeVry, Black & Decker, Ancestry.com, Comet, iRobot, Nikon, Overstock.com, Travelocity, Ubisoft, Sony Online Entertainment, British Airways, drugstore.com, MySpace

Call Center Product(s)

  • RightNow CX

Call Center Software Key Features

  • RightNow Voice identifies, segments, and routes callers to appropriate resource via self-service or agent assistance
  • Dynamic Agent Desktop provides the ability to manage multi-channel customer interactions with knowledge-enabled agent desktop
  • Contact Center Experience Designer – design complete customer experience best practices into every customer interaction.
  • Fully integrated across the RightNow CX solution
  • Leverages RightNow Engage for customer insights and proactive, relevant customer communication and surveys that build loyalty and drive revenue
  • Built on RightNow CX Cloud Platform, infusing knowledge across the CX solution and providing integration and extensibility

Call Center Software Modules

  • Multi-tenancy, multi-version architecture
  • Proven track record of high availability
  • Real-time scalability
  • Flexible Cloud Services Agreement
  • Mini-cloud design – nothing shared
  • Horizontal and vertical elastic capacity
  • 5 leading global data centers
  • Managed optional upgrades
  • Real-time scalability operational visibility
  • Certified disaster recovery (DR)
  • Monitoring redundancy
  • Sandbox environments
  • Performance management
  • Hot and cold standby
  • Load balancing across PODs
  • Real-time DB, system and data redundancy
  • Real-time recovery point objective (RPO)
  • Additional offsite remote data backups
  • A guaranteed SLAs backup by service credits

Call Center Technology

As a leading provider of Customer Experience Management solutions, RightNow has developed contact center technology that enables unified cross-channel communications while simultaneously informing service agents of customer information and data. Whether you’re upgrading your traditional call center technologies to be more customer focused, or you’re branching into new, digital territory such as live chat or email, RightNow has proven contact center technology for any avenue of the customer experience.

Bottom Line

The phone remains the primary customer interaction channel, averaging 65% of all interactions. When you think about it, your contact center is the gateway to your organization. The contact center experience sets a lasting impression on how your customers and prospective customers feel about your company and your brand. RightNow contact center software ensures every customer interaction over the phone, whether automated or involving an agent, is personalized, relevant, and consistent across other channels.