Syntellect Review

Syntellect is a leading provider of self-service and live contact center solutions spanning the entire customer service spectrum. Their contact center solutions are robust and designed to empower customers to achieve the best mix of automated and live assistance service with the flexibility to adapt to changing needs and conditions.

Syntellect helps their customers create, maintain and continuously improve superior end-to-end service for their customers. With over two decades of pioneering leadership and thousands of solutions deployed globally, Syntellect is a premier provider of enterprise-class contact center solutions for the utilities, financial services, government, high- technology, help desk, consumer products and healthcare industries. Syntellect is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona with additional offices throughout North America and the United Kingdom.

What Syntellect does

Syntellect solutions help their clients reduce costs, improve efficiencies and solve business problems through a strategic balance of customer interaction management software and unrivaled support. Syntellect solutions help deliver a superior customer experience that builds value and develops long-term customer relationships.

Satisfied Customers

Valvoline, Penchant

Call Center Product(s)

Syntellect Interaction Management Solutions

Call Center Software Key Features

  • Best-in-class self-service solutions including speech enabled and touch tone interactive voice response (IVR)
  • Comprehensive live service solutions for intelligently routed voice, email, tasks, fax and web inquiries
  • Premise-based or hosted solutions for flexible deployment options
  • In-house professional services teams with experience in project management, implementation and speech services
  • Quick response to any system change with our dedicated Moves, Adds and Changes (MAC) group
  • Consistent, professional branding to develop a distinguished voice brand with standard and custom personas for your company
  • Maximize your technology investment with education and mentoring course offerings

Call Center Software Modules

  • IVR/Self-service
  • Contact Center
  • CTI
  • Development
  • Services

Call Center Technology

By providing an optimal mix of self-service and agent assistance, Syntellect interaction management solutions help you optimize your contact center operations. Web-based administration, real-time monitoring and a comprehensive decision management system create a customizable picture of how all customer interactions are handled.

Bottom Line

Finding the most cost efficient way to operate a contact center is critical to each consumer company. Syntellect’s technology can help cross sell products, provide customers access account information 24/7, route calls based on skill, perform customer surveys and more.

Syntellect’s complete, unified solutions ensure that you will be able to leverage your technology investment as your business operations and customer service capabilities expand. Their solutions unify customer communication channels and internal operation processes to respond to your customer’s needs. Syntellect’s modular approach seamlessly expands your communication channels as consumer expectations and system usage grows. Whether you implement the entire system at once or in phases, all of Syntellect’s functionalities are designed to automate, optimize and virtualize your operations for increased efficiencies.