Telax Review

Telax Hosted Call Center began development in early 2000 as an advanced call center solution with more functionality than traditional hardware, at one tenth of the cost. Telax leverages the “software as a service” model to deliver clients with a customizable and easy to use call center solution that includes ACD, IVR, WFM, CTI, reports, recordings, remote agents, disaster recovery and much more.

Currently, Telax is the largest dedicated provider of hosted call center solutions in Canada. This contact center platform, featuring ACD, Dialer, IVR, WFM, etc, with third party application integration represents the only business line for Telax.

What Telax does

Telax has been offering voice solutions since 1999 – initially hosted IVR and custom IVR implementations. Early clients included Royal Bank of Canada, United States Consulate in Toronto, AT&T and others.

As the developers of the solution, Telax is not dependant on any other organization for the feature set or the capabilities offered in the solution. Thus, Telax is able to add new features and functionality to quickly meet new demands of clients.

Satisfied Customers

Northrop Grumman, Johnson and Johnson, Health Canada, Industry Canada, General Services Administration (GSA), State of Nevada, Dallas Independent School District, Calgary Board of Education, Hydro Quebec, XOJET, JetSuite, CI Financial, , Burberry

Call Center Product(s)

  • Telax Hosted Call Center

Call Center Software Key Features

  • Build and grow call centers without capital. Telax clients pay for services from their monthly operations budget.
  • Drastically reduce total cost of ownership. With Telax, companies leverage their existing equipment. Full support and a technology refresh are included in every subscription.
  • Eliminate the headache of call center infrastructure. Let the experts at Telax deploy and manage your call center solution.
  • Prepare business continuity plans. Telax’ cutting-edge disaster recovery capabilities save revenue, mitigate exposure and allow you to enjoy business as usual during a crisis.
  • Drive cost savings while attracting and retaining better agents. Make telecommuting and virtual call centers efficient and cost-effective with Telax’ remote agent capabilities.

Call Center Software Modules

  • Universal ACD with voice, chat, email, callback, fax and more
  • Customizable IVR with integration and self-service
  • Screen pop and other CTI functionality
  • Native Workforce Management
  • 100% Recording and screen capture
  • Outbound dialer and automated notification
  • Advanced reporting, dashboard and time-tracking capabilities

Call Center Technology

Delivered in the Software as a Service model, Telax clients are up and running quickly and easily. With a simple to use solution and Telax providing best-practices new clients achieve increased efficiency and productivity immediately.

Bottom Line

The first client in 2002 was Lennox Canada, first federal government contract was with Industry Canada in 2005, both still active today, making Telax one of the earliest hosted contact center providers in North America. Since then, Telax has added more technical staff in application development, client support, and network/carrier divisions.